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Be still my beating heart. OMG is it stopping?

I have been running the last couple of weeks without mapmyrun or heart rate monitor. Today I ran indoors (I know, I know - I had already enjoyed(!) two soakings, feeling yuk with some pestilential virus and wimped out, again). Anyway, last time I used the HRM indoors it was leaping about around 180 bpm before settling at 175 for most of the 30 mins just egging on the hypochondriac me to think I was going to have a heart attack.

Today for the first 15 mins I thought it was broken or my heart was stopping and I must be due to have a stroke or summink cos it was registering a ridiculous 55-65 bpm (pace 10kph). It perked up a bit for the second half and was about 135bpm to the end (I had to up the pace up to 11kph for a bit in case I missed the 30m/5k deadline).

Incidentally my resting heartbeat has slowed since starting C25K and is now c.46bpm whereas pre-C25K it was nearer 56-58bpm. Anyone else noticed this or is my ticker actually slowing down to a stop?

And, though I know it isn't proper cos not outdoors, 5k in 28:33.

Glad as a very glad thing with glad written all over it :D :D :D

Next time will take mapmyrun outdoors and see if there is any improvement there but if I start stressing about times I will turn it all back off again.

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Excellent result in lowering your resting heart rate. That's a clear sign of you getting fit :)

As for the 55-65 bmp during running at 10 km/h for 15 minutes... that sounds EXTREMELY fit. I don't want to rain on the parade, but it actually sounds a bit too good to be true.

That aside, sounds like you had a great run. Congratulations!!


Tomas you must be right. I was so convinced the HRM couldn't be accurate I watched it really closely in case it went to '0' and the medics should be summoned to get my heart going again :) Will give it another go in a week or so to see if it does it again (don't have a HRM for outdoors).


I have found with these "across the chest" type HRM's - that they have to have a really good connection between the sensors on the device and my skin. This means using a LOT of saliva on the sensors before placement and/or working up quite a sweat. Usually any problem with "doubtful" numbers has occurred at the very start of a run - once I am well and truly "sweating", there is no problem !!!


That would explain why it leapt up by 100 bpm at the halfway mark! Not licking it before I start though. Oh no.


Spit on your finger - rub spit onto sensors!! :)


Thats a great time, and your HR is proving you are getting so much fitter...fantastic..


I just typed a reply and it seems to have disappeared. Sorry if you get it twice!

Anyway, it said something like: Thanks JJ, it did feel fantastic until I realised either the monitor was broken or I was near death or had suddenly acquired superhero fitness without a cape. Amazing how powerful illusion is cos it felt like the best 15 mins running I have ever had and then when the heart rate went up it felt much harder. Fickle thing my brain :)


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