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Fartleks to you too!

Like Marlyparly (I think) said yesterday, I wondered what on earth this was, having seen the word in a few posts. I just thought it was a made up word used by you lot. So I was interested to read that it was a word with a meaning. I guess I could have googled it, but never did - and still haven't (might do that next).

At work today I was chatting to a few of my team who are interested in fitness - one used to run and the other takes part in all madness of classes and bootcamp etc - they had both heard of the term and had themselves used them a part of their fitness.

So yet again, every day is a school day. So yesterday I learned what Fartleks are and today I learned that people I know already knew about them!

Every day's a school day :)

I'm definately going to do some sort of speed intervals - either doing that podcast again or just incorporating the odd Fartlek into my own run. Can 't believe I'm saying I might do Fartleks - will definately need to be careful who I talk to about this!

:) xx

ps - what a great Bake Off just now.

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Hahahah - that is a magnificent word... although... before I googled it... the mental images I had were.. interesting to say the least! xD Step-step-step-toot? :D Learn something new every day! :D

Huggies! :D xxx


I learnt a lot from bake-off ... like if I want a posh French cake, go to France and don't bother trying to bake it myself! Made a loverly Victoria sponge this afternoon though. That will obviously help my weight loss programme :)


hmm, I'm sure it will.. well may be not!

But yummy though - if anyone brings a homemade cake into work it is immediately completely devoured!


Yes it was me wondering if it was gaseous emissions used to affect increased acceleration:) now I know differently, let me know how you get on if you try one (fartlek, not gaseous emissions). Just watching bake off on catchup...


I think I may have done a fartlek tonight ;-)


Now children!!!!! behave!!!


You lot! x


Ah, just decided to Google Fartlek. Contrary to what I had previously thought I have not been doing Fratleks, it has just been a spot of wind. Must re-focus.


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