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Can I join in?

My legs felt tired and wobbly this morning, I wasn't sure why, yesterday was a rest day, ok I'd taken the dog for a walk, but not run, had even resisted the temptation to take the bike out for a pedal, so why did my legs feel bad?

Last week was my 50th parkrun, surely that should have been the time to go for a PB? No. I had decided I wouldn't, mainly because I had given blood the evening before, also because I had a 10 mile walk planned for after parkrun, but also because although today was my 51st parkrun (not a 'round' number or 'milestone' number) it would be my 50th parkrun at Riddlesdown, so it felt more 'milestonish' to set a new PB today.

I finally figured out that my wobbly legs, far from being tired were due to nervousness! Huh???? Why???? I hadn't told anyone I was going for a PB, except Alex (my walking partner) and possibly Sarah (at parkrun, but she was going to be on holiday today). So why so nervous? The only person who would know I specifically set out to do so would be me! I've been told, by Nicky (at parkrun) and by the girls at trampolining (about triathlons, not just running) that you're not competing against the other athletes, your main competitor is yourself. So here I am, gearing up for a fast run, not competing against anyone except me and the clock, no one will know if I miss a PB by a second, if I miss it by 5 minutes, that I even set out to try to beat it. So why so nervous?

I still don't have the answer, but I do have a new PB! :)

(And as I was collapsed and attempting to recover at the end, Sarah finished and asked how I'd done! She's not on holiday until next week!)

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Another Park Run PB today to add to our collection, well done!


Very very well done Beads. So pleased for you. :) What pressure we put on ourselves sometimes!!


Fab! Well done! How do you feel running after giving blood?


Ok, though I have learnt that I need to take it easy, last week's parkrun time was 5 minutes slower than this week's. I also fuel well, just to make sure.

I did the same morning run 3 times this week, it got progressively quicker although the energy I seemed to expend seemed about the same (only a matter of a couple of minutes over 7k), so I think it does slow me down, but endurance-wise, so long as I don't push the speed I'm OK.


Well done Beads - great job getting a PB!


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