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TGIF, POET'S day. Tales from the couch

I'm hoping my stay on the injury couch is going to be short, and fortunately it feels like my hamstring is of the same opinion. Give it another day or two, and I shall gently try to put a bit of pressure on it.

So I thought I'd make the most of it while I can. I obviously couldn't go for a walk or a bit of cycling in my lunch break (Friday is a normal non-run day for me), so instead I went to the nearest town's post office to return some Amazon merchandise. And what do you know? Close to the post office is a fish and chip shop!!

I haven't had fish & chips for lunch since February 2011. But... hmmm... we're meant to be GOOD to people on the injury couch, right? It's meant to be a chance to recover, recharge their batteries, and rebuild soul as well as body. Fish & chip is VERY good for the soul, albeit maybe not perfect for the body.

Anyway, I'm sure you know where this is going. 10 minutes drive later, I was sitting in my garden with a small cod & chips, sipping of single pint of cider in the fridge. Oh yeah, this is what life is about!

And now I'm back at work. 100 g of Lindt's dark chocolate with chilli (they only talk about kilojoules on the back, not a single mentioning of calories... probably because there are none) and a cup of coffee to last me the afternoon. Her ladyship is talking about going out for dinner tonight.

Oh the couch. Why did I ever bother getting off it in the first place? It's GOOD to be a couch potato!

Oh, and happy running to those of you who still do that kind of thing ;-)

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I think we all need a lapse every now and then. Otherwise life can be very, very dull. Just make sure it's only a little lapse though - I have a history of what starts off as a little lapse and turns into a 3 month naughty-food-and-booze-bender - now that's the way to really put on some weight! Running has turned me into a much boring person, and my body thanks me for it :)



Enjoy your little flirtation with your old flame, cos we all know it won't last (apart from the couch maybe - how it's poor little heart is going to be broken).


After reading this, suddenly find myself feeling peckish... ;-)


I can read no traces of guilt whatsoever in your post Tomas so well done you! In fact it sounds as if you are quite enjoying the injury couch! Don't get too comfy, you have a HM to run!

Fish and chips are actually a very well balanced meal, apparently. Add a bit of veg (beans/mushy peas) and it's perfect! Not sure about the cider (apples are good for you, yes?) and the chocolate mmmnn


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