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To tri or not to tri?

Should I bite the bullet and enter a triathlon to give me a target to work towards?

I want to do one but without telling too many people so that if I dont complete one or it doesnt go as planned there is no embarassment. However I am aware that this may be impossible as I will need someone to take me to the event with my bike and box of gear and home again afterwards.

Have found another club a little closer that has a taster sessionn on a saturday morning where you can go along before you decide to join also most of the sessions appear to be on saturday which is ideal for me as I can get there by bus under my own steam so to speak.

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Yes, why not, and don't be embarrassed if it doesn't go to plan, if at first you don't succeed, just keep trying!! Good luck. :)


Hi Ebony. Read Grammadog (who blogs here occasionally) for inspiration! Here is her main blog And - good luck! :-)


You definitely should give it a go. The tri community is open to ALL abilities and you will be cheered across the line whether you are first, last or anywhere in between. Any local club worth its salt will welcome you with open arms - I know ours in Carlisle would and the coaches get so much from bringing on people of all ages from complete beginners to GB age group racers. Good luck and enjoy it!


Have a go, if you do tell people I think they will be in ore of you training for one, no matter what you actually achieve. But you'll be grand anyway.

Now to look at that link above, how exciting :-)


Go on, give the tri a try, why not? :)


As another one who is aiming at a triathlon, I definitely say go for it!

There are many distances, so you can start with one that doesn't seem too daunting and work your way up. I'm aiming at the Olympic distance, myself. I've got the swimming down and the 10K run. Need to work on my cycling next...

Good luck!


Since you are invoking Hamlet, I can't resist following up with a little pun, a la Yoda:

You ask: "To tri or not to tri?" I say: "Do or do not. There is no tri."



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