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WK6 Done :)

I'm a runner or so I'm told.

Struggled to keep the pace for this one (wk6r3) despite having no problems with the other runs this week. Did keep going for a further +2mins and ran 3.5k plus warm up/down.

When Laura suggested picking up the pace for the last min, for some reason I just couldn't manage the increase, nor did the run get better for the second section which it normally does, but my breathing was a lot more controlled.

Looking forward to next week

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I could never pick up the pace for the last minute! I think it can take a while to sort pace out. Its great that your breathing is better though, its good when you can see/feel improvements over the weeks. Enjoy your running x :-)


The thing is you kept going, and that's what it's all about. Pick up the pace at a later date!


There is no 'pace' for C25K (well apart from those 'picking up the pace' nudges at the end of some of the sessions) it's all about getting to the end, so keeping plenty in the tank still is no bad thing.


Just keep getting them done. It's a great surprise when you finish a run and then think hmm maybe I could pick up the pace


You finished the run.....nothing else matters. Move on now and focus on next week. I found week 6 the hardest by a long way!


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