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Week 2, Day 2 Done!

I finished the second day of Week 2. Wasn't 100% because I started having some left knee pain, so I didn't want to push myself. So definitely not my best pace or distance, but did better than W1 D2 and D3! It's not hurting from running, because I haven't run since Tues. I did cross train yesterday, but didn't notice any knee pain at all until late last night. I hope so bad I don't have an injury that stops me! I'm almost 2 full weeks into running/ cross training and I'm doing so well and am so proud of myself! Ugh

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No need to push things at this stage. You need to be slow to prevent getting hurt. Slowly does it. If you need an extra days rest then take it. No worries

Good luck with the next one.


Thanks! I was hoping for 2.5 mi today, as I did 2.42 on Tues, but i only did 2.15 mi (American- I don't know what that translates to in the metric system :-) haha) today. But, I'm glad I got out!! Hopefully, it will be fine to do my final day! I want to wrap up week 2, then I will rest for a couple of days.


Well done MrsKatir. You should be proud. Your knee pain might be your knees getting used to running. Have you got proper running shoes? And don't forget to stretch!


I do have good shoes that I was fitted for at a running store last spring (when I did C25k before I found out I was pregnant). When we get the money, I need to get new ones.

I do need to do better about stretching though!


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