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4K and Bath Midnight Walk

Yesterday I was running along one of my favourite routes which is usually deserted when I met four cyclists coming my way! When the last one passed me he said "very good"! I was well chuffed. Gave me a spurt of energy. We all love a little encouragement don't we?

I'm working back to fitness so I did a nice round 4k which I'm really happy with.

Then, a fairly restful day because last night my friend and I did the Bath Midnight Walk in aid of the Dorothy House Hospice. It's an 8 mile walk around Bath starting at midnight and it was fab! We had flashing bunny ears and half naked waiters serving us goodies (ladies only event), doughnuts. Brilliant atmosphere and all for such a great cause. Will definitely do it again.

We wanted to finish in 1.5 hours so had a little run to the finish line! Whey hey.

It did make me think that maybe, just maybe I'd do a race where you run and not walk. Ssshh did I just say that out loud? Don't tell anyone.

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that sounds like fun! :) oh dear that idea will grow in your head and you'll soon be signing up! :)


Oh dear, not you too? What is this forum coming to, with people signing up for races left, right, and'll be me next!

Do tell, which half of the waiters was naked?


Flashing bunny ears, half-naked waiters and doughnuts - where do I sign up??? Glad you had a good time for a good cause :)


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