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Friday Delight :)

Hello posters and lurkers, my first post but have been actively reading the support given out by all since finding the program.

Smashed W5R3 last night, even continuing to jog for a an extra 3 mins. Being a total non runner a few weeks ago to running nonstop for +20 mins is amazing.

Looking forward to week six and onward to complete my personal challenge.

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Fantastic stuff - that will set you up nicely for Wk 6. But do not underestimate wk 6 - it is a sneaky week and has been known to create problems for the over-confident (like me) - but I'm sure as you're running 23 mins you will have no problems. If memory serves - at the end of my first 20 mins I was 'huffin & puffin and hi fiving and hardly able to walking' all at once! Well done. :)


That's fantastic! I also finished W5R3 today although I did not run for extra time! I know people say that week 6 will be really hard but it feels like we've overcome a huge hurdle! If we've run 20 minutes, we can run 30 minutes, right?! The 5k seems really manageable now! Go us!


It's an amazing feeling isn't it, that first 20 mins? That's when Laura tells you that you're a runner (if I remember correctly) and if Laura says it, it must be true! Congrats, enjoy week 6!


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