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Skips and Jumps :)

Hi week eight people, knock knock, permission to come aboard. Wow - nice here - just one floor down from the executive suite eh? Cool stuff.

By the way: I’VE JUST RUN FOR TWENTY EIGHT MINUTES NON-STOP - YAY, YEEHAA - It is a wondrous thing, it is the longest I have ever run in all my existence, it is not physically possible but it has happened - it is not a challenge - it is more like a movement - it is a way of life! Thank you - that is all.

P.S. I found myself quite a long way from home and so ran home doing little skips and jumps… :) I am running distances I wouldn’t have contemplated walking a while back :)

P.P.S. Now I know who Julie is...

P.P.P.S. Apologies to the car that had to stop suddenly at the lights - I’m a little colour blind. And to everyone else involved in the pile up… I’m sure your day will improve…

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Cool! You ARE the MAN!


Thank you - it feels brilliant and well done you too - we are getting there - you ARE the WOMAN! :)


Awww thanks!


Hey Runon, Congratulations ! Just goes to show that great things can happen to great people , fab stuff , 28 minutes ? - Have it !!!

Oh , I hope you donned your elf costume for the hop, skip and jumps on the way home, its the law :-)

You are sooo near the Penthouse Suite now, the door knocker is being specially polished for your arrival .

Onwards my friend , You da Boss ! :-) xxx


You are very kind Poppy - indeed you are the BOSS also. Yes the breathing is getting easier and I found myself upping the pace after half way.

I am not donning an elf costume even for you dear Poppy - the idea of tights is still an unpleasant memory. The elves by the way lurk under the pier which is in Southport and jump onto you lower legs making it difficult to run up the small hill.

Now here's a thing... Why do people ask me the time when I’m running - Would they ask a brain surgeon for the time mid op, or a pilot just as he was landing - Is it not apparent that I am a highly tuned athlete breaking new barriers and not to be disturbed - and seriously who doesn’t have a watch or phone with them these days - Is it a ‘wind-up’ or are some people simply too lazy to look? Fiddlesticks...


Ha ha , okay I will let you off with the elf costume, just this once, mind :-)

Blimey, I didn't even know Southport had a pier , well I will go to the foot of our stairs , will have to go have a look at that .

Totally get you with people asking you for the time etc , why , just why ? I got stopped in mid run by someone asking me for directions. Of all the people to ask , why pick on me ? I find it really frustrating because if I have to stop it just knocks me all out of kilter and I find it hard to get back into it . No one stops to ask Mo Farah when he is on that long stretch of road running home to get his Quorn do they ?

Fiddlesticks indeed :-D xxx


Southport definitely has a pier - probably the second longest in Europe I think - and still not long enough to reach the sea!!!

Thank you and everyone for you continuing support - I suspect I would not have gotten this far without it :) XXX


That's amazing , oh I am a complete doughnut sometimes :-D xxx


Yeeeeeees, but we are so polite that we stop and nicely tell them the way to Screwfix or wherever as we're nice peeps. I once got hijacked into looking for a lost dog! I am a nit! Mind you, had it been my dog .......

Well done Runon and Useit!!!!! You're kicking butt now. Great innit!

I like those walks back home after nailing a good run. You are so smug that the walk home seems like a lap of honour. This is the time for listening to some mad rock music so you can freak out with some barmy dance moves to keep warm while you meander home. This is not on the main road I might add but on the relative anonymity of the trail


I Love it - it does feel like a lap of honour - I even do little zig-zaggy moves from side to side. While I was doing my strange run/dance/jump, I ran into/through a whole load of Nordic people who were obviously taking a stroll outside during a break in the convention they were attending - If I am their first impression of a British man - basically a lunatic jigging back and forth then lord help us!


I trust you quickly adopted a creditable non-British accent. Don't want the NiceNordics thinking we are the sort of nation to dance in the street and accessorise with heavy breathing and large grins.



Indeed I pretended to be Scottish :)

PS. You know how sometimes the eye is faster than the mind - well I read the end of your message as 'large gins' - what does that say about me!!!


I LOVED reading this thread- really perked up my lunch time! I can't wait to reach week 8 now- especially with the penthouse AND elf suit... Love the banter, kids x


Thanks Caroline, you're always guaranteed a giggle with Runon and Miss W :-)

Feel free to jump in whenever you like in future , the more the merrier :-) xxx


And Poppypug too :) - Week 8'ers are a nice bunch just looking for that extra 2 minutes, but once in week 9 you have to change and start speaking a different vocab to show you're a pro - you know; split times, HM, PB's Vo2maxes, garmins & Stuff (talking of which have you seen the new iWatch - wow - it is soooo cool) :)


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