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Help with Zombies Run please?

I used Zombies Run for the first time today - and have a few questions.

1. I notice that you can select run lengths of 30 minutes or one hour - that is a fair difference between the two lengths. I guess I could always run alone for say 15 minutes and then turn the App on?? - That would made an intermediate run of 45 minutes. Any comments re this please??

2. I also noticed that I had Zombies chasing me - and being told to run fast - even though I had "chases" turned off in the settings. How does that work?? I take it that you have to run "fast" until the sound of the Zombies goes away??

3. After the 30 minutes this morning, it basically said I was safe and the Mission was over - but after that, I continued to walk for a while to cool down - and it was still collecting goodies along the way - and when I went to "end Mission" , it said that a mission was still in progress and did I really want to end it? After ending it, it then prompted me to download what appears to be the next mission?? So, when I start the App now, it seems to be ready to go with the next mission.

4. I had my GPS and phone data turned on and it was telling me my distance and time - but I have since gone to my Zombies Run personal page on the Zombies website and it doesn't seem to have uploaded the result.

Other than that, I usually plod along at the same speed all of the time - except that I also often try to finish a run strongly and then fall in a heap -- but this App has forced me to up my pace for a couple of short times, and then I have had to "deal" with the result as I then continued running at my more usual sedate pace. So it could lead to some good outcomes.

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OK - I have got an answer for Question 4 - I had to turn on the sync in my phone . I have also linked it to Runkeeper - so any Zombies run I do will add to my totals at Runkeeper. I have run almost 600 klms this year!!!!!! Who would ever have thought!!!!!!!!!


On point 1) the hour is the same as the 30mins just with more music in between transmissions, once the 30mins is up you run in 'radio mode' so you still get music and a bit of chit chat whilst still recording distance and time etc. so I'd say use the 30mins if you want a 45min run :) and yes you still continue to collect stuff

2) if you put zombie chases on you are essentially turning your run into an interval session, if knows your pace and you have to up it for what felt like an age until you are told you've outrun the zombies or you are told you dropped an item to distract them. I found the pace change was massive to be able to outrun them but you might want to give it a go :)

3) if you finish the mission it automatically puts the next one in ready for your next run, if you don't you'll find the one you didn't finish ready and waiting at the right point, bit of a problem if you had 2 mins left because the don't roll into each other so the phone comes back out to start the next one!

Hope that helps :)


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