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Couch to 5K
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Towards 10K with my second Zombie Run! episode.

DUH!! I forgot to turn on the GPS -- but never mind , I ran the exact course as the 1st Episode so I know how far I went and it recorded the time.

I have turned the second run of the week in my "Quest to 10K" into a Threshold run ( rather than an easy run" . Easy runs are supposed to follow "hard" runs -- but at only 3 runs per week, I have plenty of recovery time anyway for both my easy longrun and my "fast" parkrun ( which I bombed last week!! - a race is supposedly defined as being "uncomfortably hard" - but this one was too uncomfortable for me) ) - so I will do the Zombies 30 minute run at Threshold pace. ( Threshold is defined as "steady and comfortably hard). I have yet to add the Zombie "chases" - which will add Interval runs ( described as "short and hard)

So - my 4 paces during the week are - easy and long, steady and comfortably hard, short and hard(er), and uncomfortably hard.

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Are you sure they're not just different types of cocktail ? :) sounds very structured and challenging - good luck and good effort :)


I thought we have been over this before, Bazza. Anything short of puking one's guts out at the end of the run is considered slacking!!

Just kidding :)

Sounds very structured, although adding "harder" intervals to a run that is already "comfortably hard" (you masochist you!) does sound quite challenging.

Best of luck with it all. Let us know how the Zombie chases go :)


Well, the steady , comfortably hard kind of run (Threshold) is probably what most of us do mostly anyway --even when we are supposed to be running "easy" :) - so throwing a few 30 second pickup intervals is challenging but doable. :)

But actually - the concept of the 4/5 different kind of paces -- judged by personal "feel" - is a good one.


Agree 110% on the concept of 4/5 different paces based on "feel". It's something I'm trying to learn, although I tend to mainly use "easy" or "hard". Hitting something more precise in between is kinda hard for me still, but maybe it'll come with more practise.


Sounds good bazza. I nearly downloaded the zombies run app the other day but I couldn't find in the description how long the runs are. I know there's another app Which is zombies run 5k but I didn't know what the other one was. Will it let you run up to 10k then?

I quite like the idea of it if it makes me run faster when zombies are chasing me haha

I didn't want to get it if its only short runs like c25k.


ZombiesRun allows you to do either 30 minutes or 60 minutes runs. It is based on time spent running _not distance. It is nothing like C25K and Is really for people who can run or walk for 30 minutes minimum. For the chases -you have to travel at 20% faster than your previous average.


Oh right. That sounds good. I think I'll download that then. I'm quite slow with my 5k still so that takes me 40 mins so it would be good to get up to 60 mins and see how far that gets me. Especially good with the faster intervals as I'll cover more distance and I need to start building up to 10k.

Thanks very much for that Bazza!


Bazza I got scared at the 'uncomfortably hard' bit. Not sure I could cope with Zombies I can't watch scary films and think it would set my heart rate off the scale. On the other hand I might score a big PB before I died of fright :D Do like the idea of different scales of difficulty though.


The App only really has 2 shades "difficulty" . You run at whatever pace you like -and increase that pace by 20% for shortish random times to avoid the Zombies. If you don't avoid them, they steal your goodies that you have collected during the run. The App also tracks you and keeps a record of your runs and the distances


Sounds funny. No way they would be slower than me so I think I would just offer them my handbag and hope that would do. :D


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