Have just completed wk5r3 and feel great. It is hard to believe that only a few weeks ago I struggled to do wk1r1 - which took me about an hour to recover from, and also the problem I had with wk5r2.

Decided that early morning runs suit me best.

Up to now have been reluctant of buying decent tops in case I could not manage and gave up. But since I am enjoying the runs and looking forward to the next I have now got some tops with reflective stripes in preparation of the darker mornings.

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  • Yup, that's the spirit! Bribing yourself is always a good idea! Lots of us prefer mornings, I couldn't contemplate exercise after I've eaten. Where did you buy your tops?

  • Got them at Go Outdoors, very good range of running clothing.

  • Well done on completing W5 R3 onwards and upwards to W6 ;-)

  • Great achievement :) Buying proper running gear now? Slippery slope I'm afraid. Sounds like you have been bitten by the running bug ;)

  • Well that's it ! You're committed now, glad you are enjoying the runs. Good luck for Week 6.

  • Uh oh , spending ;) I did exactly the same - no money spent until this point too :)

    Well done and enjoy your new gear :)

  • Congratulations - I've just done that run too!

    Feels great doesn't it? :)

    Good luck with week 6

  • Uh oh - shares in SD soar!

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