After the disappointment of not completing run 2 on Wednesday. That is all behind me as I have just finished the run, went out first thing this morning and found it no problem. This time when Laura said "only 60 seconds to go" I carried on, then at the end of the session I felt that I could have kept going.

Looking forward to run 3 on Sunday.

Thanks for all the encouragement after my first attempt, it helped.

The first 2 weeks I ran on Mon, Wed & Fri, then had 2 days off. Since then have been trying to go every second day so that I completed week 5 before my holiday. Off on Monday, no room for trainers as only taking hand luggage instead will be doing lots of walking.

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  • Well done. It's amazing how this program sets you up week by week ;-)

  • You might kick yourself if you don't take running shoes. They can double us as walking shoes!

    Have a lovely time!

  • Good for you and it's great when you feel that you have more left in the tank. Not sure I could go anywhere without my running kit now!

  • Last time I flew "hand luggage only" I wore my running shoes for the flight (just keep the laces loose for security). The also doubled up as comfy walking around shoes.

  • Got to go with others advice running shoes are now an essential for me on holiday. Well done on W5R2 and enjoy your holiday

  • Well done - we all knew you would be able to do it - good luck for Sunday :0) (and enjoy your holiday)

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