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Dr Doolittle (1967)

So, I didn't sleep well last night, I had only 1 slice of toast with peanut butter for breakfast and I really didn't feel like running. I had zero energy. BUT, I've been doing so well building up again after a break that I forced myself out as I knew I'd regret it if I didn't.

Perfect running conditions. Dry, cool and the sun was threatening to come out to play but was still a bit shy! Took myself off to a "trim trail" which is surrounded by fields and forests. Perfect location. Started the warm up walk, thought I'd ignore the Garmin for pace as I was going to take it very slowly and hey if I managed a couple of Km's this morning I'd be ok with that as I was just so tired!

Started off really slowly and resisted the urge to keep looking at my pace. This seemed to work as I was thinking about other things and not just the running! Kept going and I felt great. Good rhythm with breathing and the legs and I was thinking, "hey, feeling good". I turned a corner and up ahead I saw a squirrel just sitting in the middle of the path staring straight at me. He looked as if he was thinking " who is this idiot making all that noise on MY path?" . And then he ran off into the undergrowth but not before I could say "good morning" to him. ( well, you've got to haven't you? It's only polite).

Oh that was a nice little "aside" I thought. It's not every day you see Tufty on your run. So on I shuffled with a smile on my face. Still feeling good. Thinking maybe I could do more than I first thought. Amazingly, the tiredness was gone.

After a little while I see a field of cows to my left and some horses to my right. These fields are usually empty of cattle so I was a bit surprised to see so many. When I ran past, no word of a lie but they were ALL staring at me. Having thought about it I'm not surprised as I was wearing my BRIGHT pink top and my face was starting to turn a tad pink too and I was puffing a bit. As I ran past them I said good morning everybody! They continued to stare probably thinking, " what IS she doing? Maybe she's got that mad person disease".

I think they're right. I have got that mad person disease, the one called addicted to running!

On I tootled, no other distractions (apart from a beautiful butterfly fluttering in front of me). Blimey, it's like Animal Farm here today I thought!

I did check the Garmin near the end as I didn't want to go over my target time of 25 minutes but I was pleasantly surprised that at the end I felt very strong and I could have run further.

What I learned today was running gives me MORE energy, it doesn't sap it. So if you're thinking about going out and you're feeling tired, just go. You won't regret it.

And you might just make some new friends on the way!

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Great run IP glad you had a great one


Thanks GF. Getting there!


Lovely post Irishprincess. Sounds like a perfect run.


It was. How are you getting on?


Thanks for asking. I've started running again but only on the treadmill at the gym, which I hate. Having to take it really carefully because I still have some residual swelling in my knee. Can't wait to get back on the road again but trying to be patient. May risk it next week if all goes well, because I'm missing it so much, otherwise it's the dreadmill for me for a little while longer. Mind you, running on the dreadmill beats not running at all, so can't complain :) :)


It makes no sense, but it's so true... No matter how tired I am in the morning, I am more refreshed post run than before... how can this be possible? :)

Perhaps, like you, we all just need some bovine intervention... sorry, udderly ridiculous thing to say... how long can we milk these jokes for? Time to mooove on...

Great run and this is exactly why I have setup my Garmin to not show me pace ... I only have pace information on for a race where I'm aiming for a time.. even then I keep it hidden until 50% through... no bull.. :)


Love it!


My husband always laughs at me as I always say hullo cows hullo sheep etc a la Fotherington Thomas (any Molesworth fans out there?).


Great post and what sounds like a great run :) Made me chuckle, too :)


Thanks Paul.


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