I still find running the hardest!

I graduated quite a while ago, used to run thrice a week etc etc. Than I got bored and joined my local gym to try the really high intensity aerobics class, Pilates, Zumba, you get the drift. Now I run hardly once in a week. I am sure my fitness level is high than before but I do not enjoy running as I used to. I applaud those people who have been running for years. Has it ever happened to anyone who tried some other kind of fitness regime and running took a back seat?


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  • I only graduated in June and I am struggling at the moment, I joined the gym about a month ago but have only been twice! I love my pilates class so I keep that up. I found I never feel fit with the running and a few hip niggles have meant training is on and off. The one positive is that running has got me thinking more about exercise and doing something for 'me' so I suppose in the long run that is a good thing so don't feel downhearted as you are still doing something good.

  • I think the point of c25k is to get you active, not necessarily to turn you into a life long runner. Maybe for you it was the bridge you needed to get you into the high intensity aerobics you obviously enjoy ? In that case, I'd say its done its job.

  • I don't exactly 'enjoy' the running, but I love the way my body feels after a run (well, once I've cooled down and got back to normal) and how much better I feel for having done it.

    I have spent so many years not moving and moaning that I'm too old, too tired, too ... whatever ... , that now I am a runner I just love the way it makes me feel. Good grief, I sound a bit 'born again' don't I, but that is actually how I feel!

  • I run when I can - 3 or 4 times a week, and I do a couple of 'hardcore' spin classes and Insanity twice a week. The enjoyment and the health benefits I get from the two types of activity are different. The High Intensity stuff is pretty gruelling going while actually doing it but a real buzz afterward, whereas my running is mainly fairly slow and easy and I enjoy it in the moment - I do feel good afterwards but not that adrenaline high. The gym classes improve my explosive fitness, strength etc and the jogging improves my aerobic base and endurance.

    Sometimes injury or circumstance has prevented me from doing one activity but generally I have managed to do the other, and anythng that keeps me off the couch is a good thing IMO.

  • I'm afraid I'm a bit of a butterfly when it comes to fitness...I've always done something and tend to lose interest in whatever it is when the new thing comes along....the last 6 or 7 years I've been swimming regularly, I started running because the pool here is only open July & August, and I'm here from March to October so not much swimming for me in summer! After starting C25K I only went to the pool a few times. Maybe I'll swim when I get home in October, but probably not like I did before....I think the important thing is to enjoy what you're doing, basically you've added anther string to your bow that you can use as when you feel like it.

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