Couch to 5K
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just started couch to 5k 4-9-14. not done any cardiovascular exercise for many i suffer with arthritis,first jog ended up limping on right leg, after this no pain.finished all sections.felt better than i had for a long age is 67.i will carry on untill i reach the five k.

my advice to any body is you can do it but if like me growing old disgracefully. please check with your GP before you start.


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Just take it nice and slow. After my first run I couldn't move for about 3 days! Do some stretches at the end too, and look after your knees by not pounding away too hard too soon. Nag over :-)


Good luck with you c25k journey and you will love doing it!


Really well done in starting and I'm loving your enthusiasm and determination! With an attitude like that you'll definitely complete the programme! Remember to stretch after each run. It really does help with stiffness.


Good luck to you and we'll done for getting off the couch ! :)


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