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Mr Tomato Face completes W1R1

First off, let me thank all of you who wished me luck and gave such encouragement to start this C25K training program.

I set off at 6.30am with my new trainers looking alarmingly bright and chose a route along the river Thames which is right next to where I live. The sun shone and birds tweeted and I had the most enjoyable run! Amazingly I didn't find it too hard and I kept to the advice you all had given me to "take it slow" - which I did. My app beeped and spoke and told me what to do and eventually I ended up back home with a face as red as a tomato and sweating like some sort of farm animal! BUT WHAT A FEELING OF ACHIEVEMENT!

I'm slightly worried about how stiff I will be on my next run, so any tips on how to overcome muscle ache will be greatly appreciated.

Roll on Run 2.....

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Well done on starting the programme.

If you stretch after each run it should help prevent some of the muscle stiffness. I do a routine similar to this: runnersworld.co.uk/staying-...


Thank you for this. Very useful.


Great news, and what a terrific venue for your running :)

Those stretches via Swanscot are brilliant and you should find them fairly straightforward to do - lots of luck. Other than that, warm baths are good, as is resting with legs elevated, eg feet up on the couch (even though you're supposed to be off that now LOL). Probably most important of all though, is the warm down walk after running ... Keeping the legs moving gently after the exertion of running allows your muscles to calm naturally. ;) Linda


Decided to have a hot jacuzzi with the jets in full! Bloomin' bliss!

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Very, very well done, Delia :-)


Well done! :)


Wooo hooo go you. :-D Yeah I forgot to mention the red face syndrome. (Hahaha) Not to worry it happens to us all.

All the very best with your next run. :-)


Well done you! Brilliant. Its tough isnt but we are all in this together. The red face thing will soon be a thing of the past. Lots of rest, cold compress then warm compress and you should fine. Getting up at 6.30am is to be admired on a Monday morning:)


Well done Mr. Tomato Face! Very graphic... but at least it wasn't a beetroot face. ;-)


Thanks everyone for you motivational comments.


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