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Week 7 run 3

Bit of a mixed bag for me today....found the first 5-10 minutes of running really hard but that's normal until I get into it. Today though I felt myself watching the clock and time was draaaaaaaggging on. Tried to break the 25 into chucks so in my head it would feel more manageable but think this added to the problem. The middle of the run was ok, don't know if I would go as far as to say I enjoyed it but I was taking it in my stride. The last 5 minutes were a total killer. My head was telling me I should be tired so suddenly I was feeling it. Felt like I was going to collapse in a sweaty heap. Lovely thought. I managed it thought, yay!! And unlike w7r2 I did I the whole way through without having to slow to a walk. Not looking forward to moving on to w8 now but I'm only 6 runs away from graduation so will bash on!

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So close! You'll get there, just kick those head gremlins where it hurts!


Hey! Sunflower, we all have bad days - on Friday I ran to catch up with a friend and she couldn't believe that I could run that far without getting out of breath (was only 100 yards but I took the compliment), then yesterday I had an absolutely rubbish run and felt exactly the same as you. But I could hear Laura's voice telling me that a bad run is better than no run at all so I just took a shorter route and put that crappy run behind me.

Chin up - graduation is within touching distance : D


well done for doing it - I think we all have rubbish days, so put it behind you - but you did the run, so on the last stretch to graduation!


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