App and podcasts - different interval

Hi all, just found the forum. Started the program a few weeks back and just did w5.2 this morning but have been using the 5k Runner app. After looking at the podcasts available and the charts on this forum I notice they are different. Eg w5.2 on the app is w6.1 on the charts. Now not sure if I am following the c25k as designed. Anyone thoughts?

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  • Hmmm not sure about the details but I do know that the app has timing faults so I switched to the podcast.

    Good luck :)

  • I think this is the plan that most of us have followed - this is the plan as layed out in the NHS podcasts.

    I suspect that it wouldn't matter much if another plan had some slight differences.

  • The podcasts on are free and really good. Most of us used those as the apps sometimes freeze, and no-one wants that to happen during a run!

  • I noticed too that there are some slight differences in the various programmes. I was rather surprised when W6R3 with Laura turned out to be 25 mins not 22 as I'd seen on another site.

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