78 squats

I am just loving this "workout" App that I have started using - especially the concept of going up and down "ladders". If I were to do 10 full squats with my hands behind my head, my body would be saying "time to quit" - if I were to do 12 , it would shut down automatically ( muscle failure) . But using the ladder system and only going to a maximum of 8 repeats , and doing, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 etc for 7 minutes, this morning I did 78 squats!!!!!!!


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  • I agree - seems like a good system. I tried W1D1 last night and am very surprised that I can move this morning. I cheated a bit and waited a little while sometimes before pressing "increase reps" or "decrease reps" because that way I could get a longer rest!! Somehow that seemed less disobedient than not starting when he told me to ;)

    Anyway, I'm pleasantly surprised that I did over 60 of the 1st 3 exercises and not at all surprised that I only managed 39 of the "let me up". It was a bit weird being under the table and I was very glad to have an exercise mat under me - I was convinced I wouldn't be able to support my weight and would let go and then crack my head open on the tiled floor.

    By the way, from the pic, I thought I'd be starting with press ups against the wall - but no. I think I should have done though because I don't think I was doing them properly. Definitely a weakling here. Although that doesn't explain my fear of the 2nd exercise - I was convinced I'd pull the door off the hinges and land in a heap on the floor! Much more likely that I'd let go of the towel, so perhaps it was memories of my mum telling me off for swinging on door handles and the like when I was about 6 that were haunting me.

  • Did you remember to SAVE after you completed the workout? - then you can go back to the HISTORY button and see your past workout results. I did just over 50 each of the first 3 exercises in W1D1 and managed to do 46 of the "let me ups" . The hardest part for me was finding a solid enough table to do it under ( the dining table) . I did W1D2 today - and I "can feel the exercises doing me good" (NOT) -- my legs have been a bit jellylike today after the 78 squats :)

    I think that , in the short term, this will actually weaken my running - I am going out tomorrow morning to do an easy, slow - but very hilly in places - 6Ks . I think that it will be an effort. So effectively, I am doing a 10 week non-stop running plan PLUS the 10 week beginners strength plan. The tiredness, "pain" in my body muscles today reminds me of what I felt in my legs when I first starting running with C25K - only this time it is all over my body !! :)

    There are easier variations for all the exercises if there is some particular one that you find difficult. You can select which one you want to do - or even replace an exercise in the plans with whatever you want. I intend to try to do what is called for as I progress through the plan - and then if it really gets too hard for me at any stage and I think that I can't complete the 7.5 minute session , I will revert to an easier variation.

    BTW -- I also wondered how the door would hold up -- but have done it twice now and it doesn't seem to affect it at all.

  • That makes it sound so much more fun than it actually was! ;) ;)

  • When you get around to W1D2, let me know how you go with "swimmers" -- I hate them!!!!

  • How to encourage someone before they've even tried!!! ;)

  • There only seemed to be one app - maybe there is an easier girlie version I could try??

  • At this time , I don't know what the difference is - the Author says that the second book is specifically for women -- but the App ( which is the best part of this "system") is infinitely variable and hence it can be adapted for anybody's ( including men's) personal and individual weaknesses. For example, it is common for women to have less developed arms than men - so they are not as strong say in doing pushups. But the ladder method of doing the exercises and the variations of the exercise from easy to very difficult allows those weaknesses to be taken into account. Some men also are weak in the arms department.

    You can read some opinions here from people who have the womens book goodreads.com/book/show/135... It appears at first glance to be similar to the original book - but the emphasis on women may make it more palatable to them :)

  • I have managed to see a quick "review" of the second book ( for women) . I think it could appeal to women because the pics are all of women and he discusses some womens "issues" - and his general tone is perhaps a bit more "touchy feely" - but I did not see any "plans" - only the individual exercises. As I feel that the beauty of this book really comes from the App as a complimentary thing to the plans and exercise ( video demonstartions being much easier to understand than single pics, etc) , and considering the flexibility of the App , I think that I might recommend the "Bible" rather than this version for women.

  • Yes-- I should have said - there is an Ipad App for the original book with plans.


  • That's OK -- if you are going to follow the Plan or even if you choose to do individual exercises, you can start out doing Ladders with the easiest variation and work up from there. The easiest variation of the pushup is standing up against a wall.

  • With any of the exercises - even the easiest ones- you can still do them in a Ladder "format" - this means that you get more done than if you just do a single session - so you would have to see improvement

  • Yes let us know Kitty! I can't do a press up for toffee- I'm all over the place x :-(

  • 78 squats? I hope that isn't from a standing start (no pun intended) otherwise you will be feeling it tomorrow. When I first started doing exercises to support my running I did 80 weighted lunges the first day then felt so much like I'd been kicked in the bum by an elephant the next day I could nether stand nor sit down. It is also a curious phenomenon that if you limp about the place with a sprained ankle, people are very sympathetic and kind to you, whereas if you have ruined your glutes or quads, your agonies elicit nothing but mirth and ridicule from friend family and colleagues.

  • It's now "tomorrow" - and I think that elephant of yours must have visited me during the night!!!! Hamstrings are quite sore- oh well, I guess that just means that I haven't been using them much before this??

  • That elephant has only just seemed to have turned up in the past hour or so - 24 hours after I did that first work out. Now feeling as though a whole herd has trampled over the upper half of my body. OK, slight exaggeration there, but it still hurts! Ouch. :(

  • Planks, push ups etc are hard women. You just try your best. It's like anything else, the more you practice the better you get but it is tough

    Good luck

  • You've got me convinced, Bazza and Kat. I've just ordered the book and look forward to get started :)

  • Do you have a smartphone for the App - that is the most important thing of all this

  • Yep, got an old battered iPhone (it may be old, but it's out of contract, so I'm very pleased with it). Amazon claims the book will be sent tomorrow, so I'm going to read before jumping into the exercising and downloading.

  • As I don't have the book, could you please enlighten me about the 4 "days" in "W1" etc. I'm assuming I can do them at my own pace and plan on 3 during a week, so a "week" will take a bit longer than an actual week. I'm sure it doesn't matter as what I like is the flexibility that comes with doing something like this (rather than signing up to a class you "have" to attend on a certain day or whatever). But I'd be interested to know the theory/philosophy/recommended best practice if you have a moment. Thanks!

  • The 4 days each week are the "plan" - same as C25K had 3 days per week in the plan. However the strength training exercise plan is presented as a plan in itself - we aren't really supposed to be running on days inbetween :) What I am doing is a running plan which calls for strength training on days inbetween running days - and I will do the strength training plan on those days when strength training is called for . Hence I also will be stretching the strength training out as I will not be doing 4 days of strength training each week.

    When I was doing C25K , I did do randomly and haphazardly some pushups, situps, etc on the days inbetween running days -- but I didn't do many , couldn't feel it doing much and basically gave it away. What I like about this strength training programme and the App is that it is kind of "structured" - it tells me what I have to do each day and I think will generate a sense of achievement as I go on with it as C25K did as we finally completed each week. Hence , I don't think it matters that we stretch the weeks out a little.

    These "ladders" certainly allow us to do more of an individual exercise and I think that is good - I think I can feel it doing me good already :) -- or is that just how it feels after an elephant kicks you?? :)

  • Thanks. I'll be stretching it out too. I suppose different muscle groups are getting worked, so that's how they get away with 4 exercise days in a week so you have to do consecutive days to "keep up". I have no intention of trying to do that, but I suppose if it's too spread out (like only once a week) then I won't improve. Balance called for as ever....

  • I looked at the app but there seemed to be an awful lot of in-app purchases. How far can you get with the basic app? I don't mind shelling out for extras but I like to know what I'm getting into. :)

  • Not sure what you mean by "In app purchases" .

    I use the Android App - and for $2.99 you get the basic App play.google.com/store/apps/... - then when you start the App up for the first time , it asks you if you want to download the free exercise video pack play.google.com/store/apps/... You need this free video pack as it shows vids of each exercise as you do them.

    Then there is another Free video pack with has free warmup and cool down videos and also has addon purchases in it play.google.com/store/apps/... -You dont really need this one, I have downloaded it but canr really see me using it. Then there are a bunch of addon vids that you can pay for - but you don't need them.

    You only need the first two downloads - the App and the free exercise video pack . These two things for $2.99 will take you up to SAS standard!!! :)

  • Oh ok. I looked at the app for the ipad but perhaps I got hold of the wrong end of the stick. I'll look again tomorrow because it sounds brilliant.

  • W1D2 report:

    Lunges - very wobbly, don't think I'm very well balanced. Should probably have worn trainers (bare feet chosen cos it's so hot).

    One-legged deadlifts. Think this shows why I need to do this, because I don't think I could do them properly (certainly couldn't touch the floor)

    Squats - took it slowly and "only" did 54. Hoping I don't regret the extra 50 tomorrow… (4 would have guaranteed no ill-effects)

    Swimmers - great, a chance to lie down ;) Actually didn't find them too bad at all. Maybe I wasn't doing the properly, but my back is quite flexible in that direction so they seemed ok.

  • The ladder system definitely helps. You do a certain number and then get a rest before the next repetition (which increases or decreases in number according to where you are on the ladder). Haven't quite worked out how it decides how long your rest will be, but I sometimes "cheat" and take a while to press the increase/decrease reps button so I'll get a bit longer ;)

  • I am still "suffering" from my W1D2 effort. Yesterday I could hardly walk or stand up from a sitting position - feeling a bit better this morning ( am also doing a Parkrun today) . It reminds me of a time a couple of months ago where I did a 12 klm very easy walk -- but suffered badly for 4 days after :) So, just because the ladder system does allow you to do a large number of repeats quite easily , don't think that you aren't going to pay for that on the next day!! :)

    re the App rest periods - I think it measures that time from when it says BEGIN and the next time you tap the INCREASE REPS button and allocates a number of seconds of rest time depending on the length of the exercise time.

  • Oh dear, do be careful. Hope you can enjoy your run without suffering too much during or afterwards!

  • Although I hated the swimmers , it was the One -legged deadlifts that I found to be the most difficult - I could do them but only slowly as you are essentially balancing on one foot :) while trying to touch your toes :)

  • Definitely the hardest for me too. Can't touch my toes normally!

    Think I'm going to backtrack a bit and set up some "easy" exercises now as I see the rest of the week is a repetition of these first 2 sessions which were only "semi-easy".

  • yes -- that is a good option. You know your own weaknesses/limitations so you could replace easier exercises into the programme - he does say to do this in the book. Its a bit like C25K -- I did an easier programme before doing C25K , as I could see that it would have initially been too much for me. However the concept of the C25K plan and the YAYOG plan are good.

  • You must be a pro! You'll be up to SAS standard in no time!! ;)

  • Ah yes, of course. Forgot about the 007 bit!

  • One legged squats!!!!!!! I didn't know that we had a professional in our midst!!! :)

  • You will be able to do one legged deadlifts easily!! :)

  • I can think of much easier ways to pick up a vase.... ;)

  • I do believe that this App is going to be of great benefit ( strengthwise) to me over a period of time. I can see that it will interfere a little with my running for a while as my body takes some time to get used to the shock of this "work" . In another post today, I referred to flexibility testing - I think this is something that I also need to work on.

  • Well, I have finally finished Day4 of week 1 - took me two weeks to do it -- but I should be able to get week 2 done more quickly.

    W1D4 introduced a new exercise -- Russian Twists . These look simple and easy enough - but, OH my abs!!!!! I did however manage to get 92 done ( sounds a lot doesn't it?) , but not with the greatest form. I had to "support" myself by lightly touching one of my heels to the floor with each "twist"

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