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Not raining thank goodness

Today lovely daughter was ready before me! Excellent start AND it wasn't raining. LD does not want to go out if it's raining so I was very happy it was dry after such a lot of the wet stuff recently. Not sure how I will motivate her to go out if it is raining. Any ideas? W3R2 passed without incident so high fives all round. Other motivation issue will be to get her out when she goes back to School next Wednesday. I keep banging on about all the positives so hope it sinks in or rubs off over time! Happy running. S B x

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If she won't be motivated then you can't make her do it. You can still get out there by yourself so don't be put off. Running on your own is fine and you'll enjoy it


You're right of course and I will continue in any case! X


If you run on your own she will be pretty cheesed off that you are getting ahead of her in the programme and may decide to join you after all. Rain is delightfully cooling !


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