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Start of Week 9

This morning I did my first run of Week 9. I managed 3.96km in the 30 minutes (30:27 to be exact!) - and if I'd realised I was only 40 blooming metres off 4k I'd have jolly well kept going a bit longer! I managed to speed up a bit at the end too coz I had to run after the dog who was about to tangle himself up with some club cyclists. Luckily, they were friendly cyclists and thought the dog was 'mignon' (cute) and I even managed to shout out a pretty strong 'bonjour' to them as well.

The only thing I'm worried about is my breathing. Well, apart from my knees, coz I've had gippy knees since my first pregnancy 15 years ago - apparently it's coz my thigh muscles aren't strong enough, so the kneecaps move around and scrape.. or something? It doesn't hurt while I run, but it does afterwards sometimes, although today more than usual. But while I'm running I feel like my legs are strong and could keep going, but my lungs are letting me down. I was diagnosed with asthma a few weeks into the programme (when I finally got round to going to the lung doctor about my 'breathlessness' that I'd noticed increasingly over the last few years) and I'm just worried that this is going to hold me back. This morning I took three puffs of my inhaler, rather than the usual two, to see if that made a difference.. but not really - I still struggle for breath and find it quite painful. Actually, I do have another niggle, coz I also have a pain over the top of my left foot, which hurts more when I walk than when I run, and which I managed to do when I was playing tennis with 11yo in the garden a few weeks ago.. I ran for a ball and stretched a bit too much, or my foot bent too much on to the ball of the foot and I pulled something, and since then it's been a bit gippy too (which is why I mostly leave two days between runs, to try and give it an extra rest).

But anyway... maybe (probably) I'm just a huge moaner and never happy!!! coz I have actually improved a bit on my time per km in a week.. so I must be getting a little bit better!

So now I only have two more runs with my 14yo son's hand-me-down trainers until graduation, then I'm going to treat myself to some shiny new trainers all of my own ..and maybe a nice pair of leggings (or a top) too!!!

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Blimmin marvellous you managed this with out-of-fettle knees, lungs and foot! Well done and well done your dog for upping your time. Mine just looks embarrassed at having to trot painfully slowly beside me while I sound like an out of work dray horse chuffing up the modest hills we have.

Go get the trainers as soon as you can. New traineys are life-changing and make your feet go all snuggy and cosseted and you deserve them. I'm also on W9 and have 2 more runs to go :) can't wait.


Hey well done - the shiny badge is in sight :)


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