Who was it wrote about KNEES and HEELS a couple of days ago?

Sorry I can't remember who it was, Bazza maybe? Whoever it was, I think I LUV YOO!!! I thought it sounded like good advice, so I thought I would try it first walking. I usually trot along behind BaldyBoy, looking at the back of his silly bald head, but immediately I tried the knee/heel technique he struggled to catch me! Couldn't wait to try it running, so off I went this morning as soon as the fog had cleared. I'm gobsmacked, I knocked more than a minute off my KM time, my fastest today was 8.09, I usually do around 9.45...feeling like a proper runner now, normally I feel like Grouch Marx...no knee pain or stiffness either (yet!) Whoever you are, you're my hero! Thanks again.


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  • Oooh CG I must have missed that post so will have to go back and look for it. Well done on improving your time. Watch out BB the lady's on a roll!!

  • Oh I missed it too , please explain the technique !

    Well done you :)

  • Hopefully they will come back and explain it again, but basically it was think about your knees, swinging them forward from the hips, once you've got that, think about your heels, think about them lifting up behind you. That's the gist of it, it's sort of a rotary motion. I even kept that speed up on my "bete noire" hill, and sprinted the last half KM! I did one of my shorter routes today, but it's a hilly one, I am SO chuffed!

  • Going have to go and look for this!.....

  • Copied this from Bazzas reply to 'I heard picking up your feet helps'

    2 days agoBazza1234 Graduate

    Next time you go running, try this ---- firstly, completely forget about your feet and what they are or are not doing. Then think/concentrate on what your knees are doing - swing your knees from your hips, and DRIVE them forward. To swing your knees and drive them forward, you will have to naturally lift them a little. Do this for a while and you will find that your feet follow through naturally. THEN- as you are thinking about your knees and driving them uppish and forward - also think about what your heels are doing . They should be coming upwards and backwards slightly in time with the motion of your knees. This combined motion of knees and heels creates a kind of rotary movement which carries your body along -- recall the cartoons of the Coyote and the Roadrunner bird - remember how the birds feet revolved and propelled him along the road??

  • Thanks for finding that, and thanks to Bazza for writing it!

  • New technique to try thanks for this will give it a go.

  • Thanks for posting this. My technique is still far from perfect (I'm mainly concentrating on breathing and not stopping!) but I have recently been reading a book called Chi Running by Danny Dreyer that has been really helpful and describes a similar knee/feet rotary movement. He also teaches you to lean forward from your ankles and use your core. I have found that visualising these is definitely helping me, especially when I'm going uphill - well, pretty minor inclines but I was struggling with these before. I would definitely recommend the book to other beginners like me.

  • Hi CurlyGurly

    I think that would have been me :)

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