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2nd Park Run

I won't post about every park run I do but being less of a novice I went back this week and enjoyed it much more!

Starting at the back of the pack is great advice that someone gave me on here. I did indeed start further back and worked very very hard to keep my pace! Furthermore I knew where the inclines were and took them at a steadier pace. I Even though the course is described as generally flat there is a definite elevation in places. Looking back over my nikeplus record gave me info as to where the inclines started and finished. My first KM was the fastest for me but I did not drop much down during the following KM and achieved a PB of 37.57 according to park run and 37.01 according to my phone.

I really enjoyed it. I got a bit caught up with people overtaking and then walking so I overtook them and at the end I overtook a couple who then sprint finished way ahead of me. I kept reminding myself I am not racing anyone else just myself.

I think I am hooked though.

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HI loubee

I just posted about my first Parkrun yesterday. Well done on your time. You are right about getting caught up with what others are doing - I couldn't believe the speed at which the first runners took off and being an out and back course they were on the way back when I was only half way up but I really enjoyed it and sounds like you enjoyed yours too. Well done on the PB


Hey - that's brilliant , you set your own pace and did it for you.

And you can post as often as you like!



Well done! I bet you're well chuffed with that! I know what you mean about not racing anyone but yourself. You just have to prove to yourself that you can do it. It sort of validates what you've been doing all these weeks, and you're checking to see if it's worked. Well it has!

I'm in a 5 k race tomorrow. Not done one before so it's a case of suck it and see. I'll be at the back but who cares. Not me! Yeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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