New trainerrrrrrs!

New trainerrrrrrs!

I’m so excited, I really want to get out there again. I did W3 R2 on Monday and felt fine but from Tuesday morning onwards I have been hobbling about on a painful foot. I’m sure it’s because I didn’t start the programme with a proper pair of running shoes. I am going to leave it until tomorrow and see how my foot feels. They are beauties though, aren’t they? :)


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24 Replies

  • Loving the colour combo, they are very nice! :) have fun running in them!

  • Thanks LF, just the right colours for Race for Life next year (you heard it here first!). :)

  • Lovely!!!!! {going out now to get some new trainers like you and Belindauk .... My trainers look so dreary in comparison :)

  • GO GO GO, you know you want to. They are very expensive but worth every penny ;-)

  • Looking online right now!!!! :)

  • I would recommend your running gait being analysed if you haven't already done so. It's worth it ;-)

  • Lovely colour

  • Oh, I like them - hope they help and your sore foot is no more :)

  • Oh, a right pair of beauties you got there ! Hubba Hubba come to Mommee :-D

    Love 'em , Happy running :-) xxx

  • You trying to steal another pair ha ha ;-)

  • Me ? Oh , I was just wondering what size they were , just eyeing em up , wondering if theyd fit me ha ha -D xxx

  • They’re size 3 poppypug. xxx

  • Ha ha your safe breezie ;-) mine are under lock and key he he :-)

  • Size 3 ? Aw, you must have such dainty little feet :-) xxx

  • Oh look at them.... Very nice indeed. They look very similar to mine ;-)

    My new trainers helped with my bad knee. So fingers crossed they help with your poorly foot ;-)

  • Oh they're so lovely I could stroke em! Size 3! I wouldn't get em over me bunion

    I love those. I could really do with some that colour, they'd match me post run complexion

    I noted what you said about next year's RFL. Don;t think we weren't paying attention. You said it now. We all heard you. Mark it on your calendar!

  • Love that you’re all sharing the love of my shiny new trainers. Just hope I can do them justice! xxx

  • Hope you don't live near me, cos if I saw you out running I would pull them off your feet! I'd force them on my size 8 feet, I don't care if they're tiny! I WANT!!

  • I bought some new trainers having had an assessment in a 'proper' running shop at about week 5 as I had done something to my achilles tendon and couldn't wait to get out there the same as you. Unfortunately, they haven't helped and I've just aggravated my injury by keep trying to run so I now need to rest my ankle for a couple of weeks, so I sit looking longingly at my new trainers :-(

  • Ah Joby… that’s awful :( Are you going to try again with them after your enforced rest or will you go back with them for another assessment? I really, really wanted to go for a run today but my foot still hurt coming down the stairs and although it’s feeling a bit better now your post has helped me decide to give it some more time to heal. Boooo!

  • I love the trainers so will try again with them once I have rested my foot and will start from the beginning again I think as I am overweight so hadn't really got beyond 3 minutes of comfortable jogging, working towards 5 minutes and would prefer to take it steady and get there than have to stop again because I've gone too far too fast. I know because of how much pain I am in when I just walk that I need to rest, so if you feel that now is not quite right, it probably isn't and another day's rest will pay dividends in the long run. You'll soon be back in those trainers, I'm sure!

  • They look fabulous! Just need a bit of sweat and mud to make them look more authentic!

    Enjoy your running.

  • nice, very nice!

  • shiny shiny shiny - love the colours

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