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W9 R2 felt better about this run

The first run felt tiring but today this one felt better. Can't say I was running fast as I had backed off a little at the start. However by the end I felt I could have done just a little more.

Am hopeful of completing the graduation run in the next few days and then onto a more regular running program.

Must commend the program as everything in it has been achievable and the forum most supportive.

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One more run ! One more run ! When are you going out with your work colleagues ? I feel a park run near you calling.

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Yay, Go Dev, well done and you had a bit of fuel left in your tank as well ! Good Luck, one more to go , Run 28 of 28, the job ( well this job ) completed, then the worlds your lobster :-) xxx


Woohoo graduation round the corner - excited for you :)


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