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thank you car!

I hadn't been running since my graduation run a couple of weeks ago, firstly because my knee was hurting (probably IT band), and then , once it was runnable on again, I either just didn't feel like it, or family stuff got in the way. Anyway, on Wednesday one of our cars had to go for its MOT. The garage is about a mile away, so I thought it would be a good opportunity. I'd have to walk back after dropping it off, so might as well run! So I did. Dropped the car off then set off for a warm up walk in the direction away from home, then had a little run. It wasn't much fun, and the gremlins stopped me after about 12 minutes, but it was a start.

Today same car had to go in for service, so took the opportunity again. This time I walked 1km from the garage to a park,then ran round and round various bits of park for 4km, then walked 2 km home. Any my running kms were all under 10 minutes, which for me is a blistering speed!!!

So glad I did it. It's so easy to get out of the habit.

Hope everyone is enjoying their running , or at least the nice feeling when it is over.

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Well done. I suffered from post graduation slump too - it's funny how that happens. Glad to say I'm over it now and running regularly. Never really want to go but always glad when I have! Hope your knee copes with those blistering speeds (you'd soon lap me!)


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