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My blustrous friend!

Good morning to all my running buddies, and a lovely morning it is too! Crisp to the point of almost feeling chilly, and brilliant blue sky and sunshine.

I nipped out for a gentle 5k across farmland this morning. It was quiet and lovely. The only problem was battling back against a strong headwind which was sweeping across the fields. It felt like running on a treadmill without the benefit of a moving platform.

I thought of Miles_Yonder and his inclinous friends and decided, on the basis that ' what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger' that this is all good strength training even though it does nothing for your speed.

Henceforth the wind will be known as my blustrous friend!

Enjoy your day today whether running or resting.

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Oh Ully , what a fab word , I love it :-) BLUSTROUS , yes its definitely a good one that, straight out of the Miles Yonder Book of Yonderisms .

Glad you enjoyed your run , sounds like you had a good 'un :-) xxx


I was out doing a lovely blustrous 5 k too! Enjoyed it but it makes it harder when you're trying to run into a headwind. Oh well. It reminded me that I must get a headband that covers my tabs


Yes, hard to believe we need to start thinking about running in colder conditions again. I've got a headband somewhere and bought a new pair of full length running tights the other day.

Still managing in a vest and capris at the mo - and still sweating like a good'un!


Love it Ullyrunny- our ibblustrious friend :D


Nice one ullyrunner. Hope you managed to avoid cow pats and the like.

But isn't it a nice temp to run in these days? Far more comfortable than the heatwave temps.


I keep to the farm tracks in the main. It's mostly arable land locally (and fortunately very flat for Yorkshire)- if I'm honest I'm not too keen of running with livestock in the field!


Not to keen on livestock either, kept my eye on a dodgy looking cow on last nights run ;)


It was until it decided to pee on me very cold rain for the last 2 miles of last nights run, normally I like the rain but this was a shock to the system! :)


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