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Skipped to Week 4 with some Pausing

Ran most of a 5K with a partner Sat so skipped from my third week 1 to week 4. Found it difficult to run for a whole 5 mins alone on Mon, so added two 90 sec walks halfway through each 5min run. This worked really well as an intermediate as last night I completed week 4 easily.

Looking at week 5 run 2, I think 8 mins looks really challenging! I'll probably have to repeat run 1 a few times first. I've promised myself a new piece of running kit after completing week 5, so there's extra incentive!

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Hi Megan well done on sticking with it. I think a lot of people try to beat the programme. I skipped rest days but then suffered for it. The point is Laura builds you up week by week and gets most people up to 30 mins running by the end of week 9 so if I were you maybe think about following the programme as you don't want to get disillusioned when the gremlins start.

Good luck

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Thank you. I felt I was already fit enough to do week 4 so stepped it up to that week. I won't be skipping anymore as I'll need to build up gradually as you say :) (also my head voice can't use it as an excuse :p)


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