Mental roadblocks - interesting article!

Just come across this on another site and think it makes some interesting points. It's a bit of a read but if you skim through the hyperbole and translate it into your own personal circumstances, a lot of what is said is pretty much what comes up here time and time again and it's reassuring to see that the advice given is also similar.

Obstacle 4 is a common one that we see!

Just goes to prove that runners are runners and no matter what level, we all share the same insecurities and difficulties but we can overcome them with just a little bit of sensible advice and a (mental) kick up the bum!!


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8 Replies

  • That's a good read and well timed for me. I texted my husband the other day to ask if he'd seen my runner's brain anywhere as I seem to have lost it!

    I was reading another article about externalising internal doubts. Take your inner doubts, give them a 'body' and a name and then leave them behind when you go out. I now go running with 'Bob' who happens to look like the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. When I feel those doubts creep up on me I channel them into Bob and leave him on a corner somewhere having a tantrum whilst I run on.

    Ok, reading that back I sound like a New Age fruitcake but it's working for me :D

  • I like that, but omg the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - the heart rate shoots up just thinking of it. :-O

  • Thanks for posting, it all resonates with me - think I've done all of these at various times. Obstacle 4 is a double edged one because personally I find that running behind a faster person can sometimes edge me on, the trick is for them to just be a little bit faster though or I'm left on my own. ;-)

  • I know what you mean! I tried that during my last 10k race - tried to stay with some runners who were a little in front of me, but at around 7k they seemed to get further and further away and I lost sight of them. Found out later they'd broken the 60 mins whereas I was a less than a minute over. Felt even more annoyed that I hadn't managed to keep up!! ;-))

  • Still very good time though, and you weren't all that far behind in the scheme of it. :-)

  • Interesting article. Thanks for sharing ;o)

  • Really interesting! I think you are right about obstacle 4. I had a set back a while ago and now when I see faster runners on my route I mentally remind myself that I don't know how long they've been running for, their goals, fitness level etc. They are doing well for them, I am doing what's best for me. It helps me refocus. Though obstacle 4 sometimes can lead to obstacle 1 and I find that the comparison makes me feel negative so I know now that its even more important to overcome 4 to not get infected by other mental blocks.

  • A lot of these obstacles I've met in my runs at Parkrun. Nearly every time I do them I go through the same scenario. Run with the crowd, then realise I cant keep the pace, start walking, then want to give up (usually involves having a good cry by myself 'because I'm so rubbish at running), then get annoyed with myself for being such a quitter, followed by stop whingeing and just get your fat a**e running to the tree... the bend in the path... to the shady bit... to the next km marker... don't let that person in front of you out of your sight... etc. Once I've given myself a good talking to, a bit of a rollocking I then remind myself to just listen to my mp3, sing along if necessary and just keep going. Then I kind of enjoy the plod even if it is hard work.

    My interim goal is just to be able to plod a whole 5km without walking, after that... who knows.

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