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So since I have graduated I have done a 6k last Sunday and haven't run until today as I fitted in some Zumba, Bokwa and core training. I downloaded the C25K+ Stepping Stone and really enjoy doing it this morning and managed to beat my PB even with that rain". Really enjoy running when it is raining, it is so refreshing... Might need a second pair of trainers as these were drenched, not sure they will be dry for my Zumba class tomorrow! Going to try the Speed podcast sometime this week!

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Well done!!!! I like the + podcasts very much and they are very useful. I was out in the rain this morning but it was really hot so I had to whip off my hat and jacket as I was melting


Great stuff and congrats on your PB :)


After all this hot weather it must be a real change to run in the rain.

I've never run in full on rain, just drizzle.. Checked the forecast for tomorrow morning - def wet to some degree! Hey ho, never mind (I'm off on holibobs Tuesday morning :-) )

I might look into the stepping stones when I get back.. :-)


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