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Feeling great, as my friends know I did RFL to support my lovely grand daughter Jessie Corin and dear friends Jerry Bachman and Roger Moore who were all fighting cancer, I am very happy to say all are now cancer free, a great result, cant stop smiling ::) The flip side is I am know addicted to running ( if thats what you can call my bumbling along ) !!Thanks everyone who supported me on the day, especially Karen Squires and Clare Stacey who did a return trip of 200 miles to run with me and all the lovely people who sponsored me to the tune of £800. Now go Jess, Jer Ber and Rog and rock that life xxxxxx

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  • Wonderful news x

  • Brilliant news

  • Fantastic news Judes - no wonder that you can't stop smiling!

    There are worse addictions that running by the way - have you ever met my acquaintance Mr Kipling and his exceedingly fine progeny? :-(.

  • Wonderful news. Thank you for the update.

  • That's wonderful news GJ, I'm so very very happy for you and, of course, your granddaughter and friends. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    It's so lovely to hear good news stories like this. Thank you so much for telling us xx

  • Morning GJ. Lovely bit of news for you all. Makes a change doesn't it. Good news. Yay! Well done for being such a staunch supporter of friends and family and in such a positive way too.

    Pugwash! What are you like! I should keep away from Mr Kipling! He's a terribly bad influence.

  • Fantastic Great news GJ and well done on the RFL

  • Wow, that is a wonderful amount for a great cause. Well done! And congratulations for Jessie, Jerry and Roger for having successfully fought that vile disease.

  • I'm so glad to hear that's it's good news for friends and family. Helps you to appreciate every day doesn't it!

  • Just super news all round! And well done you xxx

  • Huge congratulations grannyjudes, to you for running Rfl and fundraising but especially to Jessie and your dear friends x

  • Well done! What a happy story. All the best to the lot of you! :)

  • Oh GJ what a fab story, so happy for you and your friends , all my very best wishes to you all of you :-) xxx

  • Wow that IS a good result ! It's people like you doing RFL and getting the funds for reasearch that make outcomes like that possible so a very big well done all round.

  • Lovely news - great story. Thanks for sharing GJ... really happy for you on all counts...

  • That is great news!

  • What a wonderful post GJ. I am so pleased for you all, and many thanks for sharing that good news :) x

  • Lovely news and so pleased for all concerned, what a relief for all those families and well done granny for your big part in it.

  • Oh So pleased, really wonderful news all round, you must be happy, relieved and much more ;) Enjoy your running.

  • That's great news Grannyjudes! I can think of worse things to get addicted to!

  • Fantastic news GJ.

  • That is the best news anyone could get and something money can't buy and in addition you are much healthier and fitter so great result all round

  • Wonderful store GJ!!! Thankyou for sharing :)

  • Great news and no wonder you can't stop smiling :)

  • Oh my goodness, first chance I have had to check back and so many lovely replies. Thank you my wonderful HU friends, I wish you knew how I relied on you and how you all motivate me . And yes, isnt it fantastic news, unfortunately been to a celebration of life for another dear friend who didnt make it ( bloody cancer ) today. What an amazing send off , no service, just a celebration in the pub and wonderful stories and memories shared ( he dontated his body to research, the theory being he had made a lot of mistakes in life and this way he could rectify a few, loved that man , the rogue )

  • Grannyjudes, your post is uplifting, inspiring and wonderful. You have cheered me up at the end of a busy, tiring day. Congratulations on raising so much money. :) xx

  • Great news :-) xx

  • Great news GJ - and along the way, with your running addiction, you have inspired others - thanks for all your input

  • What wonderful news! Xx

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