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Last nite was total crap!

Haven't run much in the last couple of weeks as had a really irritating tickly cough that I just couldn't shake and any type of exertion triggered it.

So went out last evening, had to wait until at least 7.30 for the sun to go down and even then it was still way too hot!!! I am of Celtic extraction hence the name, I am a very fair redhead with tons of freckles and me and the sun are sworn enemies from way back, when I have had very nasty burning incidents.

So last night was horrific, I have managed to get my 5K route down to 34.58 in May which I was well chuffed with, but with my erratic running it crept back up to the 37 mark. But last night was a horrendous 38.54!

I was so dispirited. I told my running friend that I was trying to get sub-35 before I returned to college (where I work) or do the Parkrun. I watch the weather report every evening hoping for some overcast or rain, I live in Essex and it is always warmer than anywhere else, I also have MS so I have to be careful with fatigue!

I am so down at my backwards trajectory, I will keep going maybe tomorrow or Saturday, it can't really get any worse!!!! I'm now praying for Autumn, no Indian summer please.

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Aww don't feel disheartened. Think back to when you first started c25k and how far you've come.

You've had a couple of weeks off and it's been ridiculously how, but you still got out there and did it so you should congratulate yourself!

I'm sure you'll get sub-35 if you keep with it!


Thanks Selatij. Reading Earl Greys post and as I am on the school holidays, might try and get out and do an early morning run, when the weather's not too hot, although when I've done early mornings before I am usually slower, I think it's because my body isn't awake yet, anyhow we'll see.


Don't beat yourself, you've not been 100% & have had a few weeks off, so you probably need to ease yourself back in. Remember it's suppose to be enjoyable, it's not all about the times.....maybe just go out and enjoy your runs and forget about timing them for a while. Good luck.


Don't be too hard on yourself. You'll be amazed how quick your fitness levels get back to where they were before. This hit weather is playing havock with us all :) Slow and steady and you'll be breaking your PB before you know it ;) Good luck.


I think you're trying too hard and are anxious about it. Stop right there! Now, calm yourself. Ease up and enjoy your next run. Go slowly and set out to achieve nothing else but to enjoy the run. Run somewhere pleasant with some fresh scenery. Forget times, routes, speeds blah blah. Just have a lovely, gentle run with no particular route or aim. Aimless running is my fave. Get some good tunes on and you'll be in heaven.

Have a few of those and you'll probably find you run much better once you've taken the pressure off. Get back to your plan once you've had a rest from it.

I ran today and it was ruddy boiling. Even running in the evening is no better. It won't last I'm sure and we can get back to normal, eg running in overcoats!


I'm definitely a morning girl, before the sun has a chance to warm up the lovely night air. I've even started setting a 5.30 alarm so I can waft around with my earl grey, then flop out the door at about 6. Added benefit is no-one gets in my way (or laughs at me)!


Thanks everyone for all your kind words. I think I will try an early morning run this Saturday and leave at home my stopwatch and as most of you have said, just enjoy it. Gonna feel like going cold turkey with no watch, but will try to just enjoy it, me and my music, this might work, I'll let you know :-)


Don't feel disheartened. I was all ready to give up the heat is not my friend nor is the sunlight. But a run round Essex fields of home last weekend was what I needed, though a throat infection has stopped play again.

I have ME and it's hard battling chronic illness and fitting in exercise, give yourself a massive hug and remember how far you've come and if you need a rest then that's ok and if you have to watch and wait for the clouds and rain and only dash out when you can while waiting for autumn that's ok too.

Take the pressure off for a while - I can't even do a sub 40 min 5k and I don't care because I can run 3+ miles.

We can dream of autumn together.


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