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wk9 r3 o bla di o bla da life goes on

As the Beatles once sang, "o bla di o bla da life goes on,

so here's the thing .

Wk9 run 2 (last Monday) done. Big tick.

Today wk 9 run 3 done and dusted.

All finished, out of the way and just waiting for the powers that be to alter my status to "graduated" (ta very much any moderators reading this).

So a bit of query now .

Advice wanted from anyone who has gone on before.

Do you think I should do the c25k+ stepping stones/stamina/speed thing for a couple of weeks or just jump into the 10k thing.

I feel a real transformation since starting this program.

I have always been big weighting in at around 19 stone for donkeys years but quite fit with it (big belly but 30 years of martial arts training).

I managed to get down to 17.5 stone before starting this in January and now I am at just over 17 stone.

I am quite surprised that I have not lost more weight considering the amount of effort involved in running but in fairness several people over the last 3 weeks have all commented on how much weight I've lost so it may just be that I'm changing shape rather than shifting fat.

Funny because I have noticed a difference in the shirts that I normally wear in that there appears to be a flatter belly than before with much less overhang but perhaps I'm expecting a bit too much , after all it's only been 9 weeks and 3 have been proper running weeks.

Anyhow I digress, so If anybody has any advice I'm all ears.

I read a post back last week from big andy (I think) who said he had started a 10k program.

I've downloaded the zenlabs c210k app but there's no music in it.

I also downloaded a dj steveboy/jenny hadfield American app but this has loads of music downloads for runners but it beeps when you are supposed to run or walk.

To be honest I find it easier to listen to somebody and then have the music as in c25k (god I miss Laura).

The other thing is , where's the c210k blog/forum/chatty thing.

Who am I going to post to now my 5ks done and dusted.

Advice please.

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Congratulations on graduating.

Personally I'd spend a few weeks consolidating your runs and then trying the c25k+ (there's 3 different ones). The world's your oyster now - don't put grit in it by doing too much too soon 😀

The Bridge to 10k page - click on my communities at the very top of the page, next to your name, then find Bridge to 10k and click on it/add it to your communities. There's also the Push yourself for those doing other exercise like the 100 Push Up Chalkenge - or any exercise really.

Oh, and running changes your shape quite quickly, so you do look better. The weight loss tends to come with the longer, slower runs - as long as you don't reward yourself too well 😉. Diet tends to have a greater impact on weightloss than exercise.

Congrats again.

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Thanks for that.

I'm not intending on smashing any records or running any marathons in the near future but I think it's time I started looking out for me and giving my body a much needed mot.

The c25k has been a real eye opener for me and it's a shame to not push on now that the hard work is over.


The c25k + is still Laura as you know kf panda and is useful to help with technique. She gets you running quick light steps.. I like them, but am not worried about the 10k thing.

I suggest you give them a go.. then try the 10k training and can pop back for maybe the stamima run with Laura, or maybe do two of the podcasts as your runs get longer..

Congratulations. Its a BIG deal graduating and you should be proud of your efforts. :)

To get your badge you will have to ask for it on the pinned posts at the side of the page. Graduation for March.

Happy running... kung fu panda

Can't help but picture the cartoon character running along cheering.. lol


Many congrats. 'Tis a fab achievement you've got there! Get your badge by clicking the link on the right of this page.b


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