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Week 5 run 1 in the bag!!

Well first part of week 5 over. I even managed to do a few seconds of sprinting on occasions up a small (very small) hill in the woods. !! Very pleased with myself. This week seems daunting to me and should I survive I will be pleased as punch!! Can't believe I am still enthusiastic after 13 sessions. My walking mate app also beeped to tell me I'd completed 10,000 steps, just as I was finishing my run, so two accomplishments today!! onwards and 2 in a couple of days.....

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Snap, i also competed W5R2 yesterday. I had been dreading it but it was actually not that bad, I think the fact that the weather had massively cooled down helped a lot.


sounds good and well done. You might want to conserve your energy a bit on run 3 to start with but then go for it towards the end if you still have that reserve.

good luck for the rest of the week


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