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Hi, not sure if this will come up as a duplicate post of not...

I did run 2 this evening, after doing run 1 on Monday and a three mile walk last night.

I took runKeeper with me this evening and it measured 2.36 miles over the run including the warm up and down walking. I found it a little easier this evening compared to the first run although I did find the 6th cycle the most difficult, the same as on Monday.

Tomorrow and Friday will be nights off, as for just this week I will not be doing the third run as I am taking on my second ever Parkrun on Saturday morning.

(Normally I can't make the Parkrun, so this should be a one off) and with even only a couple of beginner runs under my belt, it will be interesting to see if there is any difference between the first Parkrun two weeks ago and this weeks.

Keep going all, its going to be a challenge, but I'm enjoying the ride so far :)

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hope it all goes well - keep with the programme it really works


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