Toenail departing!

Okay so I hope you've had lunch, dinner etc.... On my final run (w9r3), I felt some discomfort in my big toe, memo to self, should have cut nails - must check when I get home. So I checked and the nail had lifted up on one side (to base). Not willing to put up with such rubbish, before I ran on Monday evening, I put this lovely post-op dressing pad on it that I had left from my meniscus fix. Worked a treat - post run the nail was as before a lifted nail with some black underneath nail. Yesterday, small granddaughter stands on foot and I howl in pain. Completely black under nail now (I take anti-coagulants so excessive bleeding anyway). Today I put another post-op dressing on to make said foot comfortable in shoes. Fully intend to run tonight (first time on tarmac, always trail run for C25K) - as I feel down when I don't and I want a crack at running round a nearby reservoir, but this other little voice says "are you being sensible?". My daughter had a couple of nails go when training for a half-marathon, but then she had a fixed date to aim those of you who have experienced this, did you abstain from running? Did you carry on regardless? Many thanks



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9 Replies

  • Eeek. I suppose it depends on your pain threshold! If it hurt I would take the day off. You need to let it heal up. I put Epsom Salts in the bath which I find helps a treat, but I'm no doctor !

  • It's certainly bearable with the pad on the toe and appears to only get worse when attacked by over-enthusiastic 5 year olds! I think now it's lifted it will drop off with time - just need to protect it from being yanked out the other side.

  • Ah - a sure sign of a real runner - loss of toenails... :)

    Haven't had it happen to me yet so can't offer much advice but apparently it's reasonably common but I'd get it checked out if too sore and perhaps check shoes/socks to make sure they're not too tight... as you say though, maybe your nails were a bit too long when you pounded your feet on the pavement and it's a result of that...

  • Hopefully it is just the nail length and having cut them back further will sort the problem (fingers, or rather toes, crossed)!

  • Your shoes are too small... As you increase your distance any shoe that is too small will give you black toe nails and good chance they will drop off. DON'T PANIC it will grow back...

    Best to get the next pair fitted correctly. We always advise (when you are stood up) just short of a thumbs width from your toe to the end of the shoe.

  • Ooh I hope not! Can't justify the expense of replacing them for at least a couple of months having had a shed load of domestic demands on the budget. I have just looked at a company called Altra that make squarer toe box shoes because my feet don't taper in the way that running shoes seem to. I really need to hold out to October though before I can consider replacing what I already have.

  • You're a real runner now! ;) I've lost a couple and a few that look damaged. Small price to pay?

  • I did run...very painful and big toe (not just nail area) very tender today so I don't think I'm going to be able to run on Friday...but hey I managed 6k so pretty pleased with that after only 10wks running. I do think it's my shoes having had a good, but delicate press around them, will need to rummage down back of sofa and see what funds I can put together!

  • Hi, I am on week 7 of the plan, on Week 1 day 1, I bruised both my big toes whilst running (very painful) and both nails are now black/blue /plum coloured. I have since invested in a pair of larger sized trainers having sought specialist advice. They are the best purchase ever, toes were instantly pain free on my next run. So I would definitely recommend the expense.

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