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How addictive is this!!!

Well i never thought id ever say this but i am absolutely loving this running malarky! Im on week 3 after repeating a few days and im so pleased with how its going. Ive lost 12.5Ibs and 2 inches off my chest, stomach AND hips :))))))

Why didnt i do this before now?!!!

I wanted to ask you lovely people what you wear in the rain, as i really dont want to be 'stumped' should this british weather suddenly turn!?

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If you can find a lightweight kagool it would help. If you wear glasses you may find it a nuisance as they do not normally have wipers. Wear a peaked cap to keep the rain off your glasses.

I find I get a bit hot running in a Kagool so perhaps you will find only a wicking top cooler. (Well legs too of course!) You just don't have to mind getting thoroughly wet! Believe me you may well enjoy getting soaked - and cooled!


Hello, and well done on your achievements so far. I have found that I love running in the rain. It is all so much more refreshing. You just have to watch out for slugs - they are quite slippy if you stand on one!

I just wear my leggings and wicking top as normal. If it's cool, I have a long sleeved wicking top. I do have a hi-viz lightweight rain jacket but I don't bother with it most of the time. I haven't run in winter yet, so probably I will use it more then.


You do get very addictive this programme and reading about running etc.Congratulations on your weight loss and the weeks go by very quickly.

To answer your question - i use to wear a storm jacket, very light weight for running but really i wore this more for the wind but worked well when there was slight rain.

Good luck for the rest of yourC25K journey and keep us informed on how it goes. Happy running


Well done! I lost 5lbs in the first week. Final run of week 2 tomorrow then onto week 3. Loving it so far!!


Hi viz lightweight waterproof running jacket here too, from SportsDirect, bright pink (useful pockets in it too) I wear specs on the top of my head but they get steamed up unfortunately

Yes, this running lark is addictive! You've come to the right place as most folks here are the same


Welcome to the club, I think we've all become a bit addicted to this running we understand where you are coming from. Wicking clothes are very may well find that the nature of waterproof clothing just makes you retain your I just wear wicking gear and as I wear glasses, I wear a peaked cap.


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