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Race Envy!

So after graduating I am pleased to say I'm still running. Today I did 6km, not the fastest run in the world but was pleased to get to 6km.

I have been reading about all the races that people have signed up for, I have been very green. So today I looked at races in chile, there are lots of very interesting races to do in some fab locations. First challenge though signing up for one in santiago, so I managed to register and got a confirmation email but we will have to wait and see if I am lucky enough to race. If all goes to plan it will 10km in September so about mid twenties temperature wise so very doable. Fingers crossed folks.

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Hey Vix :)

Glad to hear that you're still getting out and running, has there been any cycling this weekend yet?

Well Done for getting up to 6 Km, that really is a step up. This is advice I find it very hard to follow myself but do try not to worry about pace when you're increasing distance, it's hard and at some point you might have to slow up in order to reach your goal. If anything it just shows that you're learning to pace yourself which is an essential skill for a runner :)

That's exciting news about your race! Is it a ballot system or something? And do you know when you can expect to find out?

Despite increasing my distance I'm still being a wimp about races, the other day I registered to help marshal a half marathon in Cardiff where I live. I think seeing the race from this perspective will give me a real insight and hopefully confidence to run one myself eventually :)

Well done for taking the plunge and fingers crossed for you, Em x


Thanks pace is something to work on, but actually running slower yesterday made my run more enjoyable and felt I could go on. So maybe I have been running to fast.

My thinking was I can't do park runs and need to keep motivated. So I thought it's 62days away which what the countdown website clock says not sure if that's right. So I thought that's ok I will just about to build up to 10km in that time if I start Monday.

Sounds good signing up to volunteer for a race, it will give you a chance to see what the format is. I must admit I will be nervous if I do it because I like to know what will happen so this way you get that insight.

It's a chile thing, some things are easy and some things are not. We are struggling to buy artic monkey tickets on the internet. If I don't manage to do this race there is the santiago marathon in April, don't worry I can't do a marathon but it also has 10km so I will do that. I won't race in summer it will be far to hot here dec, jan and February.

Thanks for asking about cycling we are off this morning! A nice flat route this time.

Take care and happy running.


Fantastic, that really is something to aim towards....I have not dared think about 10km yet. Keeping my fingers crossed that your application is accepted.

Happy running.


Yeah - I will keep you informed on my application process.


Good for you, it will definitely give you something to aim for. I too am suffering from race envy but am trying not to get too carried away with it all :) Keep posting your progress with your training, I love to read about every ones training.


Yeah I think I thought 6km wasn't so bad so 10km hey why not. I think I was on runners high yesterday and this morning thinking urm are you sure. But I have the whole of august to get my arse in gear. Monday starts with b210k podcasts.


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