“Swim like you're gonna drown! Ride like you stole it! Run like they are chasing you! (Did you see me and Poppypug win gold and silver!!)

Keep going if you're still working on the triathlon! If you know you put your name down and you're backing out, shame on you. I can no longer set Corporal Dennis (tank div, RIP) on you but soon I will have a new munitions expert on hand.

Our latest successful heroes!

Second Lieutenant lizziebeth57 (supplies div, triathlete)

Beforefifty (triathlete)

Realfoodieclub (triathlete)

Let me know if I missed your post!

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  • Poor old Corporal Dennis (tank div) RIP. At least he's with the dolphins.

  • Morning Dozz, Morning Poppy. I'm still stuck on 2 out of 3 at the mo. Waiting for someone to show me how to use a bike at the gym lol :D For some unaccountable reason they're quite busy. Who would have thought the local leisure centre would be crowded on a weekend, in summer, during the school holidays, when the commonwealth games are on! Quite extraordinary ;) To quote your good self Poppy, "Pah!"

    Have a fabbo day m'dears. I'm heading off to the beach now for a breakfast BBQ. xx

  • Oh I do like to be besides the seaside :) :)

  • Beach! Barbecue! Sounds good!

  • It really was! :)

  • Great. Macaroni cheese here, with spinach and broccoli.

  • Oh yumm!!! :) :) :) 2 of my favourite veg with a king of pasta dishes. Did you grow the spinach on your allotment? Ours all bolted but luckily the chard has stepped up to the plate and taken over spinach duties :)

  • a cup of tea.

  • Nah, no KJU's in house.

  • Eaten all already. Troops are doing well with challenge aren't they.

  • Sssh, it's an Ironman - I'm in training!

  • Nooooooooo! xx :)

  • Drat, you weren't supposed to notice that!

  • Chicken noises

  • Get a grip, girl. Not compulsory, another tri in as option.

  • You'd best start training then!

  • Well, get you! Night pop and pups and bird.

  • Don't worry Sir Dozzer, I'll be doing it this week starting this morning because I'm off to the pool for 9 o'clock to do the first section. So impressed with all of you who have finished. Well done.

  • Fab stuff MrsSparkle, enjoy your swim ! :-) xxx

  • Good-oh. Think some of my fifty may be dobbing out so thanks for the support.

  • Swim duly done. Actually it was great, I love swimming. Was hoping to cycle this afternoon, but the beautiful weather finally broke with a thunderstorm so I have stayed at home. Hopefully tomorrow unless we head into Glasgow to watch the marathon and soak up the atmosphere of the games.

  • Great! I re-discovered swimming with this. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it.

  • Maybe run, S&F, swim, bike on rota. I do need to get hold of bike and practise getting on though.

  • Have you looked on Freecycle? You might pick up a free cycle :)

  • I did have a look last month but will keep trying.

  • Sir Dozzer (triathlete), I have put the finishing touches on our official certificate of completion, which I will unveil on August 1st. It is safely stored away on my work computer, as well as on a disk and locked inside my desk...no leaks until August 1.

  • Morning Ginbin ! Oh I am looking forward to seeing this, knowing your skills, I am sure it will be FAB ! :-)

    Oh and the Ist August is Yorkshire Day , yay ! Win-win :-) xxx

  • I have a cuppa Yorkshire tea each morning. My OH sends it over to me. :) my other favorite is PG Tipps. :)

  • Way to go Ginbin !!

    We are going to make you an honorary Yorkshire lady woo hoo ! :-) xxx

  • I'm honored pp, :) xx

  • Thanks Second Lieutenant ginbin (publicity div, triathlete).

  • You just have to realise some people just aren't on our intellectual level, pops. I embarrassed myself using the expression 'common parlance' today. Mortifying!

  • Yes, way!

  • Oh how exciting Ginbin. Lemme have a sneaky peak!

    Well done yous lot, you're doing fab.

    Crowded gyms! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh run for the hills

  • Dozzer, I did 6 paddles around the blow up pool in the garden, 6 laps of the garden path on my grand daughters very trendy wooden bike and a just shy of 5k run on Thursday morning, I trust you will consider my triathlon well and truly complete

  • Go girl! Well done! A mention in dispatches for you!

  • Fab stuff GJ ! Knew you would do it , Well done to you ! :-) xxx

  • Hello, I completed the Dozz (Triathlete) challenge this morning, run outdoors, then exercise bike at the gym as bike is unfortunately not road worthy followed by swim. Tired but feeling good. Thanks for your inspiration.

  • Well Done Linny ! :-) Them Brownlee brothers best look over their shoulders :-)

    Congratulations, fab stuff ! :-) xxx

  • Linnyloo (triathlete), that's fabulous! Well done!

  • I completed my triathlon yesterday morning with a run along Swanage prom but have only just got the wifi thingymebob working in our holiday flat. Good luck everyone. :)

  • Good work Tready (triathlete). Congratulations!

  • But Jonny is a better name.

  • They are never twins! If so they are non-identical

  • Am catching up with mixed tri. Can you imagine me trying to run and get on a bike! I couldn't get on one at a standstill.

  • And where do those girls keep their muscles?

  • Ah! That's why you all have handbags!

  • Phew! Just about finished in the nick of July!!!! The run- done, and my sweat is still dripping onto the keyboard as we speak, lol.

    Bike- I borrowed my son's bike, had to pump it up myself and then, once I was on it, could not allow myself to stop because it was too big for me and I couldn't get my foot down. No pedestrians were harmed ;)

    Swim- I have to confess, there was some swimming, some front crawl and some backstroke, but there was also some floating.

    Donation to Ty Hafan children's hospice xx

    Thankyou for this wonderful idea Dozzer :D

  • Huzzah! You are now teabreaks (triathlete)! Good feeling, eh?

  • *bows*

  • Well done!

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