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"extended" speed podcast - worked well


I've been using Speed once a week or so, and although I'm still VERY slow, I think it helps. Yesterday was HOT, so it was 9.30pm before I headed out. I planned to use Speed but I also wanted a bit of a longer workout, so this is what I did:

* warmup walk 5 minutes, no podcast

* started podcast and did a slow jog through the intro (ie the bit thats supposed to be the warmup walk)

* 5 minute jog then 9 minute intervals as per podcast

* slow jog through 5 minute cool down

* 5 minute walk home after podcast finished

It worked well. I was also pleasantly suprised I was still capable of a slow jog after the intervals.

Sharing in case anyone else finds it useful.

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I like Speed, and the other two podcasts and I use them regularly. I think a 10 minute warm up works better for me as I'm slow to get going. You have to evolve what works for you and it sounds like you have it sussed. I often end my run quite a way from home so I have a good long walk back. On balmy evenings like we are enjoying at the moment I am enjoying them

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