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Increasing to 12K

Hi gang

I am planning a long run (for me anyway!) on Saturday - 12K. I've never run this distance before, but do you think it's like everything else "distance wise", in that if you mentally prepare for it, you can do it?

Do I need to eat differently beforehand? I normally just have a power juice and some dates.

I look forward to your answers.


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Dunno mate but I'm certain you'll do it. You're far too fit and you run 10k far too frequently not too. Very best of luck :)


It's not too bad, I don't think. I did 11.5K a couple of weeks ago but did feel it toward the end. I didn't eat any different to how I normally would. I too am planning a 12K at the end of the week; the only think I'll do different is take a few Jelly Babies with me. Good luck with your long run. :-)


Hello Dan! You can definitely do it - think of it as no different from 10k, just a bit longer... (like, OBVS!!). Perhaps pace yourself a few seconds slower per km than usual at the start. As for brekky, I usually have something carby and sugary like toast and jam an hour before a long run and it's never yet reminded me of its presence, but I'd stick to what you're used to, if it works for you, maybe have a bit extra. Hydration will be the most important thing in this weather, you will need water during the run.

What time and where is your planned route? I did the whole Tamsin Trail quite recently:

Also did 12.5k last week along the canal from Linlithgow to near Falkirk, gently lashed by Scottish rain, which was lush. (My rubbish new GPS watch told me it was 15k, but it lied).

And, having initially said 'no way' to anything longer, I am just about to sign up to the Cabbage Patch 10 [miles] in October. Kicks off in Twickenham... a nice little stepping stone to a HM... you should check it out...


Hiiii TT! Thanks for replying.

Get you and your big distances! Ooooh er! You're doing so damned well. Is it the running club that has given you extra mojo? I've done a complete circuit of Richmond Park too - once the way you went and twice the other way. The reverse of what you did is AGONY!!!!

Saturday morning is my plan - dunno what time yet though and I thought I'd run along the river to Twickers, double back from Teddington back to Richmond then home. Richmond Lock near my house is exactly 12K so if I make it to there, home is staggering distance.

But I still might change my mind.....I'm wavering at the moment.

Hope to see you one of these days at the PR!


Well if you've already done Tamsin twice, so to speak, then that's 11.8k and you're just about there already - 12k will be simples! The running club is fun - you should come along and try it out. I was just thinking how much you'd enjoy it this very Monday as I ran along behind lycra-clad bottoms and swishing blonde ponytails. ;-) Seriously, they are really friendly and encouraging and cater for everyone from brand new 5kers to 3-hour marathoners.


Swishy pony tails and shapely bottoms? Now THAT is a 100% selling point pour moi!!!

Which running club again? Details please! X


The Sheen Shufflers... how can you resist a name like that?


Hi Dan,

To be honest I had done 10K only once before I thought to myself I wonder how far I could run, so I just went and did 12K. I was tired after, but the run was fine. I think it truly is a state of mind thing.

I am going to enter for the Milton Keynes HM in March, but am presently nursing a bad back (must have slept badly or something), so feeling less than enthused at the moment. Anyway, having run 12K, and having 30+ weeks to train for a HM I feel just fine about it. It's all in the mind.

Take it steady, and go for it!


Nerdio - I will! Thank you so much for your post and may I wish you a speedy recovery from your back pain.


By spooky coincidence I am also planning to run 12k this Saturday morning. I have run 10k three times in recent weeks and feel ready to step up. I do not plan to do anything different, breakfast is normally porridge with some fruit about 60 to 90 minutes before the run. I have taken to carrying jelly babies with me, not sure if they really help or if its psychological and if it is very warm I'll carry some water.

I think the early pacing is the important thing.

Good luck.



The distance itself is easily "do-able" -- but it all depends on HOW it is done ( by any of us). For example, at this stage of my running "development", I can easily do 12K (using run/walk !! :) ) Others would be also easily able to do it non-stop - at a pace that you probably couldn't even think of - at the moment :) So my thoughts in achieving these kind of goals is to just do the distance FIRST - then worry about how you do it or at what pace. I haven't actually done this yet-- but I have even considered walking a distance first before attempting to run it (in whatever fashion/pace). I think it is the number (eg 12) that frightens us. Ask yourself -- could I run 50klms??? Then ask yourself -- could I even walk 50 KLms???? Only actually walking it would answer that second question!! :)


Basically if you've done 10k, I'd say you're already ready. There's definitely a mental elem ent to it, so remove niggling doubts and Pick a route without surprises. Then hydrate well before you go and take it easy. Worry about going fast some other time.


Yes eat normally. You don't need any extra.

Moving from 10 k to 12 or 13 k will be easy for you Dan. Even an old biddy like me did it, granted after a bit of a hiccup with the increase to four days a week, which I soon abandoned. Just go steady, slow jogs til you build up. This is where your hill training will pay off as you will be stronger and fitter to make the transition from one t'other

Good luck !


The longest distance i do on a regular basis is 8k although i have managed a couple of 10k's plus one 13k.

On Sunday i was suffering from the after effects of too much vino on saturday night. Despite having run a Parkrun of 5k plus a further 5k running to and from the event i decided to go for another run on sunday afternoon to try and get my body back to normal. I set out about 3 in the afternoon not having eaten anything at all that day as i was feeling rough. I did not expect to run too far due to the state of my body, however i ran into the countryside into an unfamiliar area and got lost. Normally i would run in a circuit but as i was unsure exactly were the lanes led to i i turned round after 8k and ran back the same way i came.

I ended up running 16k on an empty stomach which is 3k further than i have ever run and twice my normal distance. What also astounded me is that every kilometre of the inward run was faster than the corresponding outward kilometre. The first kilo i ran in 5.25 but coming back i ran it in 5.00 so i'm not sure were the extra energy came from.

My long run was so much easier because it was totally unplanned. If i had decided to run that far i certainly would have had at least a couple of bananas.

I felt a lot better after the run than before so whatever you do decide to eat or not eat will probably be good for the placebo effect.


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