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Wk7R2, the blisters remain!

Another early start, how I hate getting up early. The alarm sounded at 5.30 ready for my run at 6am, I really must be keen to complete this program..... It was another humid/hot 25 minute run. Do your legs ever not feel heavy, at what point do they not ache? Anyway determination kept me afloat even with the blisters. Got the Compeed patches and still wearing the proper training socks, I seriously have put this down to the hot hot conditions. Perhaps with a couple of days rest and blister improvement I will soon have Run3 under my belt :-)

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Hi, did W9R1 last night (I run after 8pm) and my legs felt like lead and yes it was warm out there. I thought that if I made it to 25 I'd be doing well. As I was running I thought well my breathing is okay, I feel okay, it's just my legs, so I gave my legs a good talking to - something which sounds bizarre but hey it works for me - I just tell them that all they have to do is put one leg in front of the other, they've done it before, so shut the *!<? up whining! Anyway, I've been having really good runs lately and approaching 33 minutes was feeling much better. I called it a halt at 43 minutes so from thinking I'd be lucky to make it to 25 mins I did (for me) a lot more. I wouldn't of course press on if I were in pain but heaviness and tiredness are often psychological for me.


Can you pass me your magic legs, please? You sound like your there. Well done you.


Hey Milan - great going! You'll be graduating before you know it!!!!!!!!!!

Heavy legs .... hmmmmm that sounds exactly like my problem and they'll only go so far before they stop working completely!!!!!!!!!! Haven't worked out how to get past this as you're further ahead than I have ever been, so if you find the cure please let me know :)

Wk6 Run 3 for me tomorrow, in the comfort of the gym with a drink on the stand next to me. Will let you know how I get on.


I'm relying on you to finish Wk6! I am two stone over weight and have never run before in my life so if I can do it so can YOU. It's a mental thing really, I did laps of the local football pitch to complete Wk6 so no excuses if your in the gym. Come on you know you can do it. Even though I'm now doing 25 minutes, once I'm half way I tell myself I'm over half way thru and I ain't giving up now. Positive thinking and me telling you to keep going will ensure you complete it :-) Good luck..


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