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Well that's that evil one done!

Another 30 mins completed, I was certain, yes certain that my run was better, well the first 20 odd minutes at least, then the piglets, my pet name for my calfs of steel appeared, and.....oohhhhhh running like a man with one to many sherbet dibdabs in him. I lurched from one side of the treadmill to the other.

They tried I give them that! But I to no avail, at the end of the 30 mins I was sure I had covered less distance. Peeling the masking tape off the distance display I was shocked to find another 2.3mph/3.7km completed hahaha I cried slapping the offending thews, onwards and upwards.

I hope everyone is having a good one, take care.


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Well done. Keep up the good work. Lisa :-)


nice one Dale :-) although you have overtaken me now - so I will use that as my kick up the bum to get out again tomorrow night for wk7 r 1!


Well done Dale. I reckon week 7 was harder than week 8 so your'e doing well :-)

Huge amounts of respect for anyone who can do 30 minutes on a treadmill, they are instruments of torture in my book, along with exercise bikes and especially rowing machines. 10 minutes absolute max for any of them.


Good work Dale! Inspiring that you can slog it out for 30 minutes on the treadmill, I'm really trying to find the courage to try running outside but at the moment I just want to make sure my legs will hold up first! Graduation creeping ever closer!


Well done Dale, 7 more runs to graduation!


Good one, Dale. How you manage 30 minutes on a treadmill, I've no idea. I find it pretty tough even with the distraction of a different route each time.

Power to the piglets! :)


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