Curry Distraction

Curry Distraction

I'm afraid I've let us all down. I was looking forward to my run all day, but it was hot and sunny so was waiting for the evening. I treated us to ready curries and cooked up the rice and bhajis (with the idea of feeding my family and having mine upon my return), and as I did so, the skies got steadily darker and then the downpour started.

Wow, those curries are smelling good, I thought, and wine has been brought out. You can see where this is going can't you?

So I succumbed and as I began eating, the rain stopped and now I'm all curried out and blissfully relaxed from a couple of glasses. Oops!

I'm disappointed in myself.... so that was how my supposed 6k went!!

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  • Oh, there were popadums and pickles to be fair!

  • I think that you just described 'Rest Day'. You'll be faster tomorrow.

  • That's two rest days in a row, but faster sounds good. Anyway, it's thundering and lightening out there now - that would be exciting to run in wouldn't it? Foolhardy?

  • All I can say is someone was looking after you and keeping you safe from that storm. Also helping you enjoy the food with a good couple uh hum glasses of wine. There have been no running rules broken in the partaking of this good nosh ;)

  • Cheers! *raises my glass* (now empty!)

  • Just think of it as fuel for tomorrow's run! :)

  • 'Go faster' saag aloo? Sounds good, with extra chilli!

  • Lovely...and I know you are in mum texted me from Hayle and said it was you are exempt...we all need a curry sometimes :)

  • Yeah, there's running in the rain, and there's running in the rain!

  • Good for you! Sometimes a two day rest is whats needed! I did a PB last week the day after a curry ;-) x

  • Brilliant, maybe it should become a recommended part of our training?

  • Nothing wrong with the occasional curry; it does sound delicious! :-)

  • Homemaders are best, but I have an unfortunate habit of forgetting I chopped chillies until I take my contact lenses out!

  • Ouch! :'( Reminds me of the time I rubbed my eyes after forgetting I'd just massaged Deep Heat into my calves. :'( :'( :'(

    Chicken makhani is my fave curry but I'm off it at the minute as I'm being very very good and avoiding anything too creamy/fattening! I do cheat a bit though by smothering chicken pieces in curry paste and then skewering them with vegetables for a nice curry kebab. :-)

  • Sounds creative and delicious, and less sauce = more healthy! :-)

    Everyone's a winner (except the chicken!)

  • Haha. My brother did something similar but it wasn't his eyes, he went to the loo for a number one and.......well, I think you can guess the rest :)

  • Lol. He wasn't laughing ;)

  • Ouch!

  • Exactly ;)

  • Lol. Don't worry. We'll forgive you but don't make a habit go it ;) mind you, I'd have probably took the same decision as you for curry and wine ;)

  • That's my curry quota for the week unfortunately. I swear it's addictive!

  • Does you good sometimes!!

  • Certainly was yummy :-)

  • I made a pukka kerala style prawn curry for tea last night. I don't have poppadoms or pickles though cos I is a goody two shoes. I did have a naan though. I love making my own chapatis and cooking them over the open gas flame

    I grown my own so I always have a ready supply of veg to make a curry, or lovely pakoras!

  • *dribbles*

    I'm a real sucker for brinjal (aubergine) pickle. It's so sweet and hot.

    You can't beat home grown veggies - yum!

  • It's the first year that I've not grown aubergines. They're such divas I gave up on them. Reluctantly though as the plants are beautiful, but they take up so much room and may only yield one or two fruits so they got the boot in favour of more chillies. Mind you they're outside now as I moved them out to make room for more tomatoes. It's a game innit! All good curry material! Slurp

  • Lol , a curry & vino , it's a no brainer when the heavens open .

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