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Back to Week 6

After viruses through the winter, and working exceptionally long hours, and dismal runs, culminating on Tuesday when i could only manage just over a mile (and fairly slowly at that), and beginning to think I couldn't run anymore, I finally decided to Go Back To Basics. So, I re-loaded my iPod and did W6r1 this morning - and I can! So I really think I'm back on track - I was getting really miserable about not being able to run like I did last year - in October I was doing five or six miles without any struggle - and managing an average of 11.30 (which isn't bad for a 58 year old, believe me!), and finding a single mile hard going was very depressing.

So, a swim tomorrow and then W6r2 on Saturday.

And thank you all for your support.

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So pleased you've got your mojo back. There'll be no stopping you now! Happy running :)


So glad you aren't letting it get you back and back on track :) enjoy! :)


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