W6R1 - oof!

So after the success and joy of W5R3, down to earth with a bump!

What a struggle - and no idea why! Perhaps because I thought that after running continuously for 20 minutes, a 5 minute run would be easy. Well, apparently not.

Couldn't wait to finish and head home before it got too warm. Might redo it on Friday and see if it's any better.

Anyone else find this one weird?



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12 Replies

  • Almost everyone! Week 6 for some reason catches a LOT of people out... you'd think the intervals after the euphoria of Week 5, Run 3 would be easy eh? Not so it seems...

    Slow and steady and you'll be fine... but you're definitely NOT alone... :)

    Well done on progress so far!

  • Oh I think this one is notorious for catching people out! So don't worry, I am sure the next one will be fine. Well done for getting this far and stick with it. x :-)

  • Oh yes, the dreaded w6 :) It's a mystery this one, it should be straight forward after completing the 20 minute run of w5 and maybe there in lies the problem. Maybe we all think it's going to be relatively straight forward after w5 and don't give it the respect it deserves?

  • It was horrible! Even the thought now makes me wince!

  • Ha ha, we keep week 6 a closely guarded secret! Sshhhhhhhhh

  • It got me too - at exactly the same point. I did Week 6a then Week6b before I made it to the next level but now it seems a distant memory. You'll be fine. Keep going!

  • Join the club! I fell into exactly the same trap after being on a high with my completion of the 20 minute run.....the good news is W6R2 yesterday was a lot better than run 1 so stay positive. I've got the dreaded 25 minute run tomorrow am so am now putting the oxygen on stand by! Try run 2 it will be better, best of luck.

  • Golly, I though it looked weird on paper.....it's obviously weird in reality, too! Eeek!

    I'll be doing this next week....

  • I'm doing W6R1 tomorrow. Starting to worry about it, but maybe that's for the best


    It is pure psychology, I am sure. We all psyched ourselves up for the impossible W5R3, which we miraculously managed, which meant W6, with its intervals was going to be a doddle, but mysteriously was really tough. Let's face it, all the runs are tough, but they just need respect and a steady, sustainable pace to carry you through.

  • happened to me too - it's strange isn't it? I wondered if I tried to go too fast thinking it was just shorter runs?

    but I think you can just push on to the next run and you will be ok , although slowing the pace might help

    best of luck (not that you need it, you will do just fine)

  • And me too!

    But it's part of the journey and sticking with it leads to the success of completion and graduation :-) :-)

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