A new chapter

Tonight was my first run since race for life on Sunday 6th July... I started C25K to be able to run R4L... So once I had graduated the program I was still training for it... Tonight was different... I ran because I wanted to...

I am proud of my achievements... I am healthier and fitter and have lost weight... Yay... And I ran R4L in 26.31... Sorry for boasting but I am chuffed... Still to decide what next...

Happy running everyone


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  • If you can't boast here where can you? We all know how great it feels so well done - cracking time!

    Now you have to plan your new running adventures.Enjoy.

  • thank you

  • Boast away you're entitled to with that time Congratulations

  • Thanks

  • That time was amazing. I'm at the same stage as you. My r5l was Tuesday and I did 27min 33s. (See I boast too.) My first 'non training run is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the new attitude.

  • Thats fab... well done you.... x

  • If you enjoyed running a "race" as part of a group, try a parkrun. You may have heard of them but if not, these are timed 5k runs that take place all over the country and are free to enter. I did my first one last weekend and really enjoyed it.

    Have a look here ...http://www.parkrun.org.uk/

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