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A new chapter

Tonight was my first run since race for life on Sunday 6th July... I started C25K to be able to run R4L... So once I had graduated the program I was still training for it... Tonight was different... I ran because I wanted to...

I am proud of my achievements... I am healthier and fitter and have lost weight... Yay... And I ran R4L in 26.31... Sorry for boasting but I am chuffed... Still to decide what next...

Happy running everyone


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If you can't boast here where can you? We all know how great it feels so well done - cracking time!

Now you have to plan your new running adventures.Enjoy.


thank you


Boast away you're entitled to with that time Congratulations




That time was amazing. I'm at the same stage as you. My r5l was Tuesday and I did 27min 33s. (See I boast too.) My first 'non training run is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the new attitude.


Thats fab... well done you.... x


If you enjoyed running a "race" as part of a group, try a parkrun. You may have heard of them but if not, these are timed 5k runs that take place all over the country and are free to enter. I did my first one last weekend and really enjoyed it.

Have a look here ...


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