Camping and a first funrun

We are going camping this weekend in a small country town with our motorhome club. We have been to this place a number of times and I was thinking -- booooring!!! BUT!! -- I have discovered that on Sunday is an annual 8.3 klm FunRun along an abandoned railway line which is mainly used now for horse riding - it goes from this town to another small nearby town

They usually get around 700 entrants for the run -- so I"M IN!!! :) -- my first serious funrun (is that a contradiction in terms??) :) I'm GOING to do it in an hour!!!

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  • Sounds good Bazza, that should keep things interesting for you. Hope you get to do it in an hour or less. Let us all know and have a seriously fun time! X ;-)

  • That does look fun, Bazza; great stuff for entering! No, fun runs can be as serious or as fun as you want them to be, I think. Full report when you're back from it, please! :-)

  • Sounds like fun :) enjoy and good running ;)

  • Sounds great Bazza - enjoy!

  • Good luck Bazza, it looks like you going to have a fab weekend.

  • Sounds great, I'm envious! The people in the pic certainly look like they're having fun! Let us know how it went

  • AAAGH!! I got it all wrong - the race is on this weekend , but we are not going camping until next weekend. But, this small town is only 1 hours drive away and they take late entrees after 7AM so I am planning on driving up there early Sunday morning. I did 7.5 klms this morning quite easily so I would like to do this run as part of my preparation for Sydney City to Surf.

  • That sounds like a contradiction in terms and an oxymoron, but we know what you mean!

    Is the run a 4.15K and then back, or is it an 8.3K out and then walk back? Just wondering.

    Whatever it is, good luck and report back.

  • 8.3 k one way on an old (no longer used) train line between two small country towns - the organisers have bus shuttles going between the two towns with parking in each town ( to maximise economic opportunities for traders in each place :) )

  • Good luck, and I hope it's not too hot. Make sure you have plenty of fluids before setting out, and remember, you will sweat-out salts that need replacing too.

    Do they have water stations along the line...get it...water STATIONS on an old railway line...OK, it's Friday.

  • Not too much sweating going on at Parkruns in sub-Tropical Brisbane today -- but I did see quite a lot of icicles hanging off people's noses!! :)

    Actually, the news is telling us that this morning was the coldest for over 100 years here !!

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